From raw data to valuable business insights - meet Power BI
2021-03-09 News

From raw data to valuable business insights - meet Power BI

Each company generates vast amounts of data daily. They come from many sources, and unfortunately, without their proper segmentation, concluding is much more difficult. However, with the development of new technologies, reliable data analysis is much easier. Tools such as Microsoft Power BI effectively support entrepreneurs in transforming raw data into valuable business information.

Why analyze data?

The development of companies depends largely on accurate decision-making. They concern almost every area of a company's functioning - sales, logistics, customer service or marketing. Suppose we do not have information on the condition of individual departments in the company and the effectiveness of the conducted activities. In that case, we cannot realize the adopted strategy and business objectives.

Besides, data analysis ensures:

- optimization of business process efficiency,

- reduction of risk,

- support in developing new products,

- extension of products or services launched on the market with the information gained from data analysis,

- the possibility of detecting trends and market niches,

- building and strengthening relationships with contractors and customers.

How does Microsoft Power BI support the functioning of companies?

Microsoft Power BI is a comprehensive set of tools for data analysis, which effectively supports companies' functioning in various industries. Power BI gives the possibility to effectively analyze data in real-time, which means better tracking of progress in achieving the set short- and long-term goals. This real-time insight allows you to make better decisions. Importantly, no technical knowledge is required to use Power BI. Drag-and-drop functionality and the ability to generate natural language queries greatly simplify data analysis, shorten analysis time, and eliminate the risk of errors that often occur when working on spreadsheets.

What benefits do companies that have implemented Power BI achieve?

Implementation of a data analysis system should always be preceded by a thorough assessment of the company's needs and business objectives. These tasks should be entrusted to the hands of experienced consultants who know the capabilities of the Microsoft system and can propose the best solution for our business. EBIS consultants are continually improving their competences, and the skills they have acquired are confirmed by certificates, thanks to which EBIS can boast the title of Power BI Solution Partner.

Among the key benefits that companies receive when implementing Power BI are:

- constant access to all company data, regardless of the time and place from which we work,

- possibility of sharing the results of analyses and reports between employees and particular departments of the company,

- easy and intuitive use of Power BI,

- minimizing the risk of errors in data analysis.


With the Microsoft Power BI system's help, you get the ability to create advanced data models in a flexible environment and gain a 360° view of key information about your business.