Power BI in production

Power BI in manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing companies increasingly rely on automating production processes and monitoring performance with advanced analytics systems. In this context, Power BI is becoming a precious tool, enabling real-time tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) and analysis of production trends.


By integrating with various data sources, including production management systems (MES) and IoT (Internet of Things) systems, Power BI enables comprehensive analysis of the entire production process. This allows you to identify areas for optimization, react quickly to potential production issues, and better understand the entire production ecosystem.

Benefits of implementing Power BI in production

Monitoring production performance

Microsoft Power BI enables continuous production performance monitoring, rapidly responding to potential problems and optimising process.

Cost and efficiency tracking

With its advanced visualisation features, Power BI enables tracking production costs and efficiencies to identify areas for optimisation.

Quality improvement

Power BI lets you analyse production quality data to identify potential issues and drive process improvements.

Demand forecasting

Microsoft Power BI assists in forecasting product demand, allowing for better inventory management and production planning.

Streamlining production processes

By analysing data quickly and generating accurate reports, Power BI supports streamlining manufacturing processes, leading to increased efficiency and cost reductions.

Integrated inventory management

Microsoft Power BI enables integrated inventory management by analysing inventory levels, delivery times, and forecasted sales data. This lets you optimise stock levels and minimise the risk of over- or under-stocking.

When is it a good idea to implement Power BI in manufacturing?

Implementing Power BI in the manufacturing department can significantly boost a company’s productivity. This tool can be a game-changer in the face of today’s manufacturing challenges, such as maintaining high product quality, streamlining production costs, and enhancing productivity. Power BI’s real-time data analysis capabilities allow you to swiftly respond to production process changes, optimising efficiency and fostering a more productive environment.

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