Power BI

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools accessible from the cloud,
which make it extremely easy to combine, visualize and access data in the form of interactive reports.

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Power BI ensures

Easy and effective management

  • Quick integration of BI system with other systems, which means the key information can be found in one place
  • Automatic extraction of data coming from disparate sources
  • Simple management of the service thanks to intuitive navigation desktop and management dashboards
  • Creating countless reports
  • Visualizing data to simplify their analysis

Analysis and modelling

  • Creating advanced analytical models in a flexible environment
  • Quick manipulation and processing of large data sets
  • Data structure suited to your needs
  • Possibility to update the data whenever needed

Data publishing and sharing

  • Sharing reports in the whole organization
  • Making custom reports and data sets available to your co-workers and customers in a simple way
  • Possibility to publish data and unify them with data from other systems
  • Remote access to reports, management dashboards and scorecards from mobile applications

Discover & Connect Analysis & Modeling Visualization & Exploration Publish data & Analyze Questions & Answers Mobile access

What are the benefits of the implementation



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As experienced professionals, we will help You recognize all possibilities that Microsoft Power BI will give to your company.