Power BI in sales

Power BI in sales

In-depth analysis plays a key role in any company’s quest to maximize profits. In this context, Microsoft’s Power BI analytical system is an important tool for supporting the sales process.


It allows to reliably explore the market reaction to the products and services offered by analyzing sales data. In particular, it makes it possible to identify factors affecting demand growth and reduction.


Thanks to automatically generated reports, it is possible not only to monitor overall trends, but also to instantly detect any deviations, so that immediate corrective action can be taken.

Learn about a case study of a Power BI implementation for Robinson.

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Benefits of implementing Microsoft Power BI in sales

Instant data analysis

Ability to perform ad hoc analysis without exporting data from the source system and processing reports.

Faster decision-making

Improve decision-making with real-time access to management data on key areas of the company’s operations.

Sales monitoring

It is possible to quickly and accurately identify sales opportunities and problems – costs and ineffective sales activities.

Monitor budgets based on continuously updated data

Monitoring of budgets is carried out on the basis of constantly up-to-date data, which makes it possible to react quickly to unexpected changes.

Access to data anytime, anywhere

The data needed for analysis in the organization is updated in real time, and it can always be accessed – from a browser and mobile devices.

Monitoring of sales channels

Thanks to the easy availability of data for analysis, it is possible to quickly identify the most effective sales channels, as well as to verify the effectiveness of sales teams.

When is it worth implementing Power BI in the sales department?

Implementing an analytics system is a step toward maximizing the potential of your data. Power BI enables the aggregation of data from various sources, such as databases, files, directories, Azure services, and web services. The process of creating reports is quick and intuitive, and users have full freedom to customize the scope of reports and share them with other users.

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