Power BI Consulting

Support in the selection and implementation of Power BI

You can benefit from the knowledge and experience of specialists who have spent years exploring the secrets of Microsoft tools by choosing BI services consulting now. Our team of experts is at your service, ready to conduct an in-depth analysis of your company’s real needs for the implementation, maintenance and development of an analytical system such as Power BI. With our Power BI consulting assistance, you will be able to fully customize your chosen tools to your specific business, ensuring that you are not only competitive, but also flexible in a dynamic market environment.

The analytics system you choose will not only be perfectly tailored to your needs, but will also be fully scalable, allowing you to grow as your company’s demand grows. You can be assured of high quality Power BI consulting services, as our solutions are based on solid foundations that make them immune to possible market fluctuations. With Microsoft Power BI consulting services, you will optimize your analytical environment, ensuring that it runs smoothly and maximizes the use of resources.

Advice on
Power BI

Benefit from the know-how and expertise of EBIS specialists who have been working with Microsoft Power BI for years.

With our help, you will make a thorough analysis of your company’s real analytical needs and tailor the necessary tools to support the analysis of the data you have.

Why use Power BI consulting?

Taking advantage of Power BI consulting is a key step in optimizing data analysis and realizing the full potential of the system. With Microsoft Power BI specialists, you can effectively accelerate your data analysis processes, create interactive reports and visualizations that will allow you to better understand and use the data you collect.

Professional assistance in the area of Power BI brings benefits not only in terms of more effective data analysis, but also in better understanding of business processes and identifying new opportunities for growth. With access to expert knowledge, you will be able to take full advantage of the potential of Power BI, increasing operational efficiency and making more accurate strategic decisions, which will ultimately increase your company’s competitiveness.

Stages of consulting Power BI

Want to implement Microsoft Power BI, but need expert advice? Take advantage of our support:

Analysis of needs and requirements

Our experts will carefully analyze your company's needs and data analysis requirements to propose "tailor-made" solutions using Microsoft Power BI.

Design and implementation of solutions

Based on the analysis, our team of BI experts will develop a personalized implementation project, ensuring that you get the most out of your Power BI system.

Training and support

Once the implementation is complete, we will provide comprehensive training for your team to enable effective use of Power BI tools.

Optimize data analytics with BI consulting

  • Power BI consulting enables companies to optimize their data analysis processes by using advanced tools and techniques. Specialists in this field help identify key performance indicators and create interactive reports and visualizations, resulting in better understanding of data and faster business decisions.

Improve reporting and visualization

  • Microsoft Power BI consultants support companies in improving their reporting processes by creating personalized reports and interactive visualizations. This allows companies to present data in a more attractive and readable way, which facilitates internal and external communication and enables them to react faster to market changes.

Optimized data management

  • Power BI consulting also contributes to optimized data management within the company. Specialists in this field help design and implement data structures, resulting in better organization of information and easier access to key business data. As a result, companies can react faster to changes and make more informed decisions based on a solid foundation of data.

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