Data visualization

Power BI is a tool that enables advanced data analysis and presentation of its results in the form of multidimensional, interactive reports. By visualizing the data in an attractive and accessible form, it is easier to understand it and derive from it a range of information that is crucial for the organization.

Interactive reports and dashboards

For the smooth operation and development of business, information, even the seemingly most trivial, is of fundamental importance. Power BI, with its ability to create reports and dashboards that include data visualizations in the form of charts and graphs (e.g. line charts, pie charts, tree maps and many others), gives you instant insight into the factors and parameters that affect the performance of your organization. The data visualized in Power BI changes dynamically, which means it is updated on an ongoing basis under the influence of changing data.

Ongoing monitoring of the company’s situation, searching for answers and instantly knowing all the most relevant metrics – all this is provided by dashboards. With the ad hoc data filtering options in the reports, you can focus your attention on the information that is sensitive to you, and by using the highlighting options, you can highlight the data you have selected against others. You can also explore the data using the question-and-answer function – you’ll get the answer to your natural language question in the form of visualized data.

Reports and dashboards are built intuitively, by drag and drop, and there is an extensive library of modern and interactive visualizations provided by Microsoft and its partners at your disposal. You can also create your own visualization using theme, formatting and layout tools.

You can easily publish reports and analyses created in Power BI and share them with colleagues.