Keep track of coronavirus data - Power BI report
2021-01-20 News

Keep track of coronavirus data - Power BI report

Coronavirus has been a dominant topic in the media recently. This is not surprising - the number of infected people worldwide continues to rise. Due to the significant epidemiological threat, we have prepared an interactive report in Power BI, which shows the current number of infections worldwide. It also includes data on the number of people who have recovered, lost their lives due to COVID-19, and indicates the number of people vaccinated.

Interactive EBIS report prepared in Microsoft Power BI on coronavirus

Nowadays, we can safely say that data analysis changes the world. Modern systems, such as Microsoft Power BI, allow for quick and efficient aggregation and segmentation of important data and presentation in the form of clear and interactive reports. These solutions are also used in the medical industry. An example is the coronavirus report, which we developed in EBIS.

The interactive map presents not only the places where COVID-19 infections were detected but also data on the number of illnesses, deaths and recoveries. We also publish data on the number of people vaccinated for COVID-19 in the report. All information presented in the report is updated automatically according to data provided by GitHub.

Possibilities of the Power BI report on COVID-19

Using the functionalities offered by Power BI, we have implemented in the report the data verification in the summary version as well as in the single day view. Thanks to this, it is possible to analyse exactly how the disease spreads in subsequent countries and wait for downward trends. Additionally, the data can be presented in the form of an interactive map or charts. 

Importantly, all data is available in one place, together with a percentage analysis of the severity of the disease. So anyone who wants to be up to date with the latest COVID-19 infection status can check the data in our report.

The coronavirus. What do we know about it?

The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, whose source was in China, is causing the disease known as COVID-19. It has spread worldwide. The virus is droplet-transmitted, and in recent days the number of cases has exceeded 100 million. Data analytics and Power BI can help to monitor the situation better.

We encourage you to keep track of information about the coronavirus and make our report available and embedding it in your own media - we will provide a dedicated code to all interested companies - just contact us using the form below: