Frequently asked questions about Power BI
2021-08-30 Microsoft Power BI

Frequently asked questions about Power BI

Microsoft Power BI system facilitates data analysis and supports business decisions. Thanks to advanced features, the ability to integrate information from multiple sources and an intuitive administration panel, it has become one of the most frequently chosen programs for data analysis. Although it seems that this system is widely known, communication with us often raises similar questions about Power BI. The most common ones are presented in the following article.

What exactly is Power BI used for?

Power BI is a system that is used for business analysis of data from many sources. Thanks to it, the analysis of a large amount of data by all persons involved in a given project, or working in the structures of one company, is efficient and simple. What is important, the results of the analysis can be presented in the form of interactive reports and shared with other team members.

Will Power BI be useful in my company?

Universal access to information made it possible for entrepreneurs to have practically unlimited access to data. They come from CRM systems, accounting systems, reports, promotional campaigns or sales activities. A proper and effective analysis of this data set would not be possible without the help of new technologies. On the other hand, proper data analysis is a valuable source of information that facilitates making business decisions. Therefore, Power BI is a tool recommended for every entrepreneur who wants to have a constant insight into the condition of the company.

Is it very complicated to use Power BI?

Definitely not! The basics of operation can be learned even in one day. We invite you to regular, free of charge “Dashboard in a Day” workshops organized by EBIS, during which each participant has the opportunity to get to know Power BI capabilities in practice. It does not require much technical or analytical knowledge to operate it. The scope of information we receive from the analysis of data in Power BI is really large and can be easily shared between different departments of the company, also during remote work.

Is it possible to use Power BI from many types of devices?

Yes, Power BI can be used on many types of hardware, including mobile devices. Thanks to that we have access to data regardless of the place we work from, as well as the time of day. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where can I find help with Power BI support?

EBIS has been implementing Power BI from the very beginning. Our consultants are well aware of its capabilities and if our customers need service support, they can count on our help. A lot of valuable information about Power BI can also be found on our blog and on the Microsoft website.

Is it time-consuming to implement Power BI?

The time needed to implement Power BI depends on the selected functionalities and needs of a given company. Configuration of the system is always based according to individual preferences. If you want to learn more details, please write to us using the contact form below. Our consultants will answer all additional questions.