Questions about Power BI. What data analytics topics are of interest to the community?

Microsoft Power BI facilitates data analysis and supports business decision-making. With advanced features, the ability to integrate information from multiple sources, and an intuitive administration panel, it has become one of the most popular data analysis programs among businesses. Although the system seems to be widely known, we often get similar questions about Power BI in our communications. The most common ones, we have collected in the following article.

What exactly is Power BI used for?

Power BI is a system that is used for business analysis of data from multiple sources. It makes the analysis of large amounts of data by all people involved in a project, or working within the structure of a single company, efficient and simple. Importantly, the results of the analysis can be presented in the form of interactive reports and shared with other team members.

Will the Power BI system be useful in my company?

Universal access to information has meant that businesses have virtually unlimited access to data. They come from CRM systems, accounting systems, reports, promotional campaigns or ongoing sales activities. Adequate and efficient analysis of this dataset would not have been possible without the help of new technologies. In turn, correct data analysis is a valuable source of information that facilitates business decisions. For this reason, the Power BI service is a recommended tool for any entrepreneur who wants to have constant insight into the condition of the company.


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Does Power BI allow integration of data from different sources?

Yes, the Power BI service makes it easy to integrate data from different sources, allowing comprehensive analysis of information from both internal company systems and external platforms. This allows users to get a more complete picture and make more informed decisions.

What are the main data visualization features offered by Power BI?

Power BI offers a wide range of visualization features to represent data in an attractive and understandable way. With the help of Microsoft Power BI, you can create various types of reports rich in charts, heat maps, pivot tables and other interactive graphical elements. This makes reports more readable and makes it easier to understand key information.

Does Power BI have features to monitor changes in real time?

Yes, Power BI allows you to monitor data in real time. This allows the company to react quickly to changes and adjust its business strategy accordingly. Monitoring functions allow you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and automatically generate alerts when significant changes occur.

Is it possible to customize data access permissions in Power BI?

Yes, Microsoft Power BI allows you to precisely control access to data by configuring permissions. You can define which people have access to specific reports and data, which is important from the perspective of information confidentiality. This also facilitates team collaboration, ensuring that every user has access to the data they need.

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Does Power BI integrate with other tools and applications?

Yes, Power BI offers integrations with many popular tools and applications, such as Microsoft Excel, SharePoint and Dynamics 365. This allows users to easily exchange data between different platforms, increasing work efficiency and making it easier to use existing systems. Data retrieval is automatic once the sources are defined, which speeds up work and reporting.

How does Power BI support the company’s decision-making process?

The Power BI service supports the decision-making process by providing clear and timely business data. It allows quick analysis of the situation, identification of trends and forecasting of future events. This, in turn, allows for more informed decision-making, which is important for the efficiency of the company’s operations.

Does Power BI offer financial reporting features?

Yes, Power BI allows you to create advanced financial reports, including analysis of budgets, profit and loss statements, and other key financial indicators. This allows the company’s finance department to effectively monitor financial health and respond quickly to changing market conditions.

Is it very complicated to use Power BI?

Definitely not! The basics of operation can even be learned in a day. We invite you to the regular free Dashboard in a Day workshop organized by EBIS, during which each participant has the opportunity to learn in practice the capabilities of Power BI. A great deal of technical or analytical knowledge is not needed to operate it. The range of information you get from analyzing data in Power BI is really large and can be easily shared between different departments of the company, including when working remotely.

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What are the benefits of using the Power BI service?

Using the Power BI service enables companies to effectively analyze business data. The platform makes it easy to continuously track key performance indicators, allowing you to adjust your strategy and make informed decisions on an ongoing basis. With PowerBI, users can easily access data from a variety of sources, enhancing the consistency of analysis. The tool also supports reporting processes based on the indicated data model, enabling accurate monitoring of the company’s condition and achievement of the adopted goals. Importantly, Microsoft Power BI does not require advanced technical knowledge, making it accessible and user-friendly for different users in the company.

What are the main features of Power BI reports?

Microsoft Power BI reports offer a variety of visualization features, such as line charts, heat maps and pivot tables. They allow data to be presented in an attractive way and make key information easier to understand.

What is the data model in the Power BI service?

A data model in Power BI is a structure that defines how data is related to each other. With the right data model, it is possible to process and analyze information efficiently.

Where can I get detailed information about Power BI courses?

Detailed information on Power BI courses can be found on the EBIS website and in the training offerings. These courses allow you to effectively learn the skills of operating a data analysis system. The thematic scope is always prepared with reference to the level of knowledge of the participants and the business needs of the organization.

What is the difference between natural language and DAX language in the context of a Power BI service?

Natural language is a human-understandable way to formulate questions, while DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is a special programming language used to define formulas and expressions in Power BI, enabling more advanced data analysis.

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Dashboards in Power BI – what are they?

Dashboards in Power BI are interactive panels that make it easy to view and analyze data. They allow users to quickly switch between different reports and charts, making work more efficient.

Is it possible to operate Power BI from multiple device types?

Yes. Power BI can be used on many types of devices, including mobile ones. This allows us to access data regardless of where we are working from, as well as the time of day. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where can I get help on how to use Power BI?

EBIS has been implementing the Power BI system since its first versions. Our consultants are well versed in its capabilities, and in situations where our customers need support in terms of service, they can count on our help. You can also get a lot of valuable information about Power BI on our blog and on the Microsoft website.

Are Power BI and Microsoft Fabric the same thing?

No, Power BI and Microsoft Fabric are not the same thing, although both are offered by Microsoft and have applications in the data analytics field.

Microsoft Power BI is a standalone service for business data analysis, enabling the creation of interactive reports and visualizations. It is a tool focused mainly on data presentation and decision support through clear and dynamic reports.

In turn, under the Microsoft Fabric umbrella are various tools, including Data Factory, Synapse (Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Warehouse, Real-Time Analytics) and Power BI. It’s an end-to-end service that integrates various elements into a single platform that enables data management at various levels – from processing to analysis to presentation.

In which companies is Power BI worth implementing?

Microsoft Power BI is worth implementing in companies that operate in medium and large organizational structures, where data analysis from different areas is crucial for effective management. The system will also work well for companies with diverse business profiles, adapting flexibly to the specifics of different industries. For companies with a global footprint with subsidiaries on different continents, Power BI provides a tool for consistent data analysis on an international scale. Its ease of use makes it accessible to a variety of users in the company, without requiring advanced technical knowledge. Without a doubt, Microsoft Power BI is an extremely useful tool for companies that value fact-based decisions, know the value of data analytics and want to gain a competitive advantage.

Does it take a long time to implement Power BI?

The time it takes to implement a Power BI system depends on the selected functionalities and the needs of the company. System configuration is always done according to individual preferences. If you want to know more details, then write to us via the contact form below. Our consultants will answer all additional questions.

Does Power BI come with a fee?

The Power BI service offers both paid and free versions. The free version, Power BI Desktop, allows the creation of reports, but limits sharing and collaboration features. The paid version, Power BI Pro, allows full use of advanced features, such as sharing reports and providing access to interactive visualizations. There is also a Power BI Premium option, dedicated to large enterprises, which provides advanced scaling capabilities and additional features. It is worth noting that Power BI offers flexible subscription options to suit different needs and company sizes. If you’re having trouble choosing the perfect solution for your business, contact us. EBIS consultants will advise on selecting the best data analytics solution to support business objectives.