Use the potential of data analysis in your company - explore the possibilities of Power BI
2022-02-07 Microsoft Power BI

Use the potential of data analysis in your company - explore the possibilities of Power BI

Implementation of the system for data analysis in your organization is, in many cases, a significant investment. What software is worth choosing? Microsoft Power BI is one of the most popular and best tools in this industry. Let's take a closer look at its capabilities.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence service that helps to organize and analyse data collected by your company. By connecting to all data sources, Power BI simplifies working with them with interactive reports, built-in visualizations and many other useful options.

Microsoft's product has already helped many businesses. It is used by companies such as:

- Adobe,

- HP,

- Pepsi,

- Toshiba.

Key features of Microsoft Power BI

- Unlimited access to all data

Power BI collects and stores all information collected on-site and in the cloud in a single, centralized location that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. You can easily import data from Salesforce, Google Analytics or other Microsoft products such as Excel, Azure or SQL Server.

- Interactive and clear visualizations

Advanced Power BI tools will allow virtually everyone to create bright and attractive displays of data thanks to drag and drop navigation, simple report creation options and the ability to publish them to Power BI service quickly.

- Adapting to teamwork

Power BI allows you to share reports with the right people wherever you are. The tool works with the main operating systems - Windows, iOS and Android. Notifications can inform you of any updates or changes to your data, so you can immediately take action in collaboration with your team.

- DAX data analysis features

The rich language of DAX formulas includes libraries with incredible capabilities that will help you get even more out of your information and create advanced data, analysis models.

What else should I know about Microsoft Power BI?

- Implementation

Power BI is a cloud-based service. Application of it requires only registering, selecting the appropriate version and downloading the software. You can also entrust the implementation of the system to specialists, such as EBIS, who know the Power BI system from its first versions.

- Customer service and technical support

Microsoft Power BI has an online database with guides and a collection of frequently asked questions - all of which will help you find all the information you need. We also encourage you to read our blog, where we regularly publish information on data analysis systems.

You can also contact the Power BI support staff directly at any time via live chat on the website. Users may also ask questions to a large number of members of the Power BI community.

- Price

Power BI comes in three versions - Desktop, Pro and Premium. The Desktop version is free for individual users, while the Pro plan costs USD 9.99 per month per user. Plan Premium starts at $4,995 per month for dedicated cloud and storage resources.

If you find it challenging to choose the optimal solution for your business, please contact our specialists. After learning about the exact needs of your company, they will select the best solution that will not only facilitate the analysis of your data but also support you in making the right business decisions.