Power BI or Tableau - business comparison of two systems for data analysis
2019-01-24 Microsoft Power BI

Power BI or Tableau - business comparison of two systems for data analysis

Power BI and Tableau are two popular systems for data analysis. Both tools differ in terms of functionality and appearance. Which one to choose?

Easy to use and functional Power BI

The Power BI system is a versatile tool designed to report data with great possibilities of extending the functionality. This tool enables quick aggregation of data from multiple sources, designing dashboards and transparent visualization in the form of interactive charts. An important advantage of the Power BI system is also the ability to send the created reports to mobile devices, which undoubtedly becomes more and more important nowadays.

The main advantage of the Power BI tool is above all the interactive form of reports. Thanks to this, data analysis becomes fast, simple and intuitive, which is of great importance in a dynamic and fast-changing business environment.

What's more, reports generated by Power BI can be accessed via both a browser and a dedicated application on mobile devices. Thanks to this, people who use Power BI have access to the data they need 24 hours a day, no matter where they work. A unique feature of the program is the Power BI Gateway, which allows you to download data on a continuous basis.

Beginner users will appreciate the uncomplicated operation of this system - up to 1 day is enough to learn how to create advanced reports. This is confirmed by the participants of Power BI trainings organized by EBIS. You can read about one of these events HERE.

What's more, Power BI is the fact that this data analysis system cooperates with popular Office programs and boasts frequent updates (on average every month). From the point of view of savings, the fact that Power BI is free of charge in its basic variants remains important. Payment is only required for additional options, such as online reporting.

The more expensive alternative – Tableau

The Tableau system has many of the advantages of Power BI. This tool makes it relatively easy to create reports and transfer them between users. The time needed to master all the necessary functions of the program is also short, which means that the program is friendly for people without in-depth knowledge of information technology.

The advantage of the Tableau system is an intuitive data analysis - the user does not need to know advanced computational formulas. However, the disadvantages of the Tableau system are excessive price and worse modelling of data sets, especially when they come from different sources.  However, the advantage of Tableau is the ability to visualize very large data sets.

Verdict – Power BI or Tableau

Deciding which of the presented tools is the best system for data analysis is not an easy task. When choosing between Power BI and Tableau systems, we must, first of all, take into account the individual preferences of our company, its needs and the environment in which it operates.

We encourage you to contact us in order to dispel all your doubts. Our consultants will provide you with comprehensive information about the possibilities of the Power BI system and the benefits of using it.