What are the benefits of implementing Power BI in a company?

Jim Bergeson once said that "data will talk if you want to hear it". Analysis and conclusions are critical business skills. "Listening to" your company's data is key to improving your financial performance. If you are looking for a tool that will help you to aggregate, segment and draw conclusions from data, you should get to know Power BI!

Power BI – comprehensive data analysis

Power BI is a system offering a complete set of analytical tools that provide information for the entire organization – it combines multiple data sources, simplifies their preparation, analysis and presentation.

What will Power BI do for your business?

– Compare data from different sources

They can come from all the resources your company has. Including ERP systems, financial and accounting systems, Excel spreadsheets, e-mail marketing systems, as well as social media, streaming data and cloud services. Thanks to Power BI, all data will be aggregated in one place, and the appropriate segmentation will be much easier.

– Combine business data 24/7 in one panel

Power BI provides access to all business data from a single desktop navigation desktop for PCs and mobile devices. This is a significant advantage of this system, especially for companies and organizations whose structure is dispersed. These capabilities will also be appreciated by employees who often make business trips. Regardless of time zones or the device they work with, they will always have access to the necessary data.

– It will prepare interactive reports

Creating clear reports with attractive graphics takes little time in Power BI and is immediately available for the whole company. Creating new releases is hugely intuitive and accessible for every business user. The functionality is provided by a drag & drop creator and natural language commands and queries. Thanks to this, even people with medium and low technical skills can successfully use Power BI.

– Provides consistent analysis

Power BI is a set of analytical tools for each department of the organization that provides a 360-degree view for business users. Clear visualization of data makes it easy to analyse. You know precisely what happens in your company and why. This makes it easier for you to make business decisions and anticipate trends. In many cases, Power BI helps you predict crises or identify market niches that create growth opportunities for your company.

If you are interested in implementing the Power BI system in your company, we invite you to learn more about the EBIS offer. We know its capabilities very well – we have already carried out many implementations, always tailored to the needs and abilities of our customers.