How to visualize data? Explore the possibilities of Power BI
2020-12-11 Microsoft Power BI

How to visualize data? Explore the possibilities of Power BI

Today, every company generates millions of data every day. They relate to sales, finance, marketing and advertising, management. Correct data analysis is the key to be ahead of the competition and to give right direction to the business based on the information. Unfortunately, in practice, this is not an easy task. Some data is not used or is available only for individual departments of the organization. Fortunately, Microsoft Power BI, a tool for data analysis, which makes it much easier to analyse, visualize and available to all employees of the company, comes to help.

What do you need to know about Power BI?

The Power BI system allows you to quickly and easily connect data from multiple sources. Thanks to the implemented drag-and-drop functionality, this tool can be handled by any person, even with little technical and analytical knowledge. Importantly, Power BI is available for mobile devices and computers. This provides users with constant access to data, no matter where they work. Interactive reports prepared in this way are available to the entire team and provide insight into the condition of the company and guarantee more rational decision-making.

What are the possibilities of data visualization offered by Microsoft Power BI?

The forms of visual data presentation available in Power BI surprise with their form and diversity. They can take a standard form, known from Excel, as well as a much more advanced one. Pie charts, treemaps, area charts, and much more. Thanks to them, you will prepare a sales report for the previous year, a product demand report for a specific region, and identify which of your brand's promotion channels are most effective. The possibilities offered by Power BI are practically unlimited.

It should be remembered that the correct aggregation of data and the purpose of the analysis are of key importance here. The result of work with Power BI system is receiving information that will support your company in making strategic business decisions. If each step of the analysis is considered, the data obtained in this way will surely become a source of success for your company.

Why use Microsoft Power BI to visualize data?

The Power BI system provides constant access to data and reports to all employees - both in the office and on business trips. Importantly, these reports are interactive and can be easily shared. Navigation dashboards are used for this purpose. Such a solution gives the possibility to track the effectiveness of promotional or sales activities in real-time, gives managers an insight into the status of project implementation and facilitates strategic decision making. 

If you want to learn how to visualize data in an easy and transparent way, please contact us! We know the Microsoft Power BI system very well, and we will adjust its possibilities to the needs of your company.