How do new technologies improve customer service?

New technologies have a significant impact on customer service activities. On the one hand, they allow to speed up various procedures. On the other hand, they enable gaining in-depth knowledge about which communication channels with the customer should be prioritized. Business Intelligence solutions, including Power BI, are becoming more and more popular in such a situation.

Personalized, safe and comprehensive customer service with Power BI

One of the most popular tools supporting the operational activity of modern enterprises is the Power BI system. Thanks to in-depth and multi-faceted data analysis, it allows you to discover which areas of marketing communication are the most effective and which still need to be refined. Power BI also effectively supports the sales department or management. This system streamlines analysis and allows you to generate any combination of data from different sources. Reports generated according to your preferences allow you to assess what to pay attention to when communicating with your customers and inform you which elements of customer service need to be refined. What are the additional benefits of using new technologies for customer service?

1. Understanding customer needs

Mobile access and easy data visualization in Power BI make it possible for people working in the customer service area to acquire specific knowledge about their recipient’s needs quickly. This makes it much easier for the customer service staff to fulfil their professional duties. Detailed information provided by the reports generated by Power BI allows for a good understanding of consumer preferences. On the one hand, this enables to improve customer service standards and, on the other hand, to personalize sales activities, which significantly increases the chances of success of such procedures.

2. Multi-channel customer service

The benefits of using Microsoft Power BI in the customer service area are also due to the fact that this tool allows for simultaneous generation and analysis of data from different sources. This is especially important when customers contact the company through different channels – for example, through a form in an online shop, a company profile on Facebook or via e-mail at the same time.

3. In accordance with the RODO

Today’s customer service is determined by the high demands on the protection of personal data. The threats of cyberspace and the RODO regulation introduced in 2018 imply the need to protect customer data better. The Power BI tool allows you to store data in strictly protected data centres that not only meet objective security criteria but also comply with the technical and legal requirements of the RODO. Besides, Power BI allows you to detect any misuse and misuse of customer data quickly.

Power BI is a valuable tool that increases the efficiency and comfort of customer service in the organization. The benefits of this solution include improved security and better personalization of customer relationships, which translates into hard business results in the long run.