Power BI - grow your business based on data
2021-03-25 News

Power BI - grow your business based on data

Power BI is a set of on-premise and cloud-based data analysis tools that allow you to visualise and analyse data across your organisation intuitively. Data is available in one place, and thanks to Power BI Mobile, it is also used from mobile devices. What benefits will you gain by implementing Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI - unlock the potential of Business Intelligence

The Magic Quadrant published by Gartner clearly shows who is the market leader in business data analytics. According to experts, Microsoft has an extensive market reach, thanks to Microsoft Office 365 and a comprehensive and visionary product roadmap. With Power BI, it is possible to prepare data better and easier, visualise it, or present it in the form of interactive dashboards and extended business analysis of data. Notably, Microsoft is releasing weekly updates to the cloud-based Power BI service, which has been enhanced with hundreds of brand new features in 2020.

Magic Quadrant Gartner - Microsoft Power BI

In the group of Power BI applications, the key role is played by:

- Power BI Desktop - an application that makes it easy to access data from hundreds of different sources available both in-house and in the cloud - including those from Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Azure SQL DB, Excel and SharePoint. Power BI Desktop keeps your data always up to date with automatic refreshes and allows you to create robust analyses for a wide range of scenarios.

- Power BI Pro - which makes building a data-driven organisational culture much more effortless. An additional advantage of this system is the easy sharing and visualisation of data.

- Power BI Premium - thanks to which you can easily adjust BI tools' scope to your business needs. In this model, Power BI works as a self-service and is fully scalable as your needs grow thanks to a managed cloud infrastructure that minimises downtime and ensures productivity.

- Power BI Mobile - this tool guarantees secure access and the ability to view Power BI dashboards and reports on any device through mobile apps for Windows, iOS and Android.

- Power BI Embedded - on the other hand, offers high-end analytics without having to develop them in-house. System users can quickly and easily make customer-focused reports, dashboards and analytics available in their applications using the company's branding. This reduces the need for developer resources by automating the monitoring, deployment and management of analytics while maintaining complete control over Power BI service features and intelligent analysis tools.

- Power BI Report Server - gives users access to advanced, interactive reports and enterprise reporting capabilities of SQL Server Reporting Services. With its help, exploring data and discovering patterns is much easier. This, in turn, translates into better and faster decision making. Significantly, the Power BI Report Server is based on a proven enterprise-class platform to be easily extended to thousands of users.

Data analysis Power BI

Why implement Power BI?

Business analytics is a modern solution, supporting the operations of many enterprises. Innovative business intelligence systems, such as Microsoft Power BI, improve business efficiency without being on-site. Reports generated from the data are available on mobile and stationary devices, which is the key to practical business analysis. A typical database is open to all authorised users who can use it to create and modify reports and share analysis on essential data.

Not unimportantly, the Power BI system is as intuitive as possible. Even large data sets can be transformed into readable information by people without advanced knowledge of analytical processes. Data retrieval is automated, and data segmentation is performed with minimal risk of error. The flexible Power BI environment also allows for its free adaptation to a given organisation's individual needs, which in the world of big data is of crucial importance.