Microsoft Power Apps – what is it?

Power Apps is a set of applications, services, and connectors and a low-code data platform developed by Microsoft. It makes it possible to create business applications without any advanced programming knowledge. This is a real opportunity for those with a business idea who want to bring it to life with their application. Find out more about the possibilities offered by the Power Apps platform!

Power Apps, the platform from Microsoft and its capabilities

The Power Apps service allows users to create applications integrating various data sources.

It is a solution for those uncomfortable with creating complex code. With Power Apps, creating applications is simple, intuitive, and supported by a Microsoft solution.

How do I work with Power Apps?

  • Model-driven Apps (in this case, you start your work with data);
  • Canvas (use ready-made templates or a blank canvas).

Regardless of the method, Microsoft provides many possibilities in its platform. You can include in your applications, among others:

  • Email forms;
  • Lists;
  • Labels;
  • Buttons;
  • Multimedia.

With many ready-made solutions, the Power Apps service allows you to quickly and efficiently create applications according to your idea. Moreover, you do not need to know programming as the service is based on low code.

Microsoft Power Apps services: data collection management and other functions

With the Power Apps service, you have the chance to easily manage data and applications, as well as acquire data from new sources.

You can also take advantage of additional capabilities. For example, Power Automate automates repetitive processes and tasks, simplifying and speeding up application optimisation.

Everything is done in a familiar Microsoft environment.

Part of working with Power Apps is using AI or artificial intelligence (there is, for example, an AI Builder that provides AI models). This is in addition to simplifying and automating all processes.

What do Power Apps have in common with Power BI?

The Power BI service is an analytical tool that organises data, enabling it to be grouped, analysed, and visualised. We operate in a Microsoft environment, so our service works closely with Power Apps.

Access to Power Apps in Power BI is by default and allows you to incorporate Power Apps visualisations into a report generated with Power BI tools.