Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a suite of data analytics tools available on-premise and in cloud which lets you intuitively visualize and analyze data across the whole organization. Data is accessible from one place and, thanks to Power BI Mobile, from mobile applications.

Power BI lets you connect data from various sources, including databases, files and web services. You can create your reports quickly and intuitively, modify their range as well as make them available to other users. Data is updated in real time.

Microsoft Power BI

Choose Power BI Discover its power

Easy and effective management

Easy and effective management

  • Quick integration of BI system with other systems, which means the key information can be found in one place
  • Automatic extraction of data coming from disparate sources
  • Simple management of the service thanks to intuitive navigation desktop and management dashboards
  • Creating countless reports
  • Visualizing data to simplify their analysis
Analysis and modeling

Analysis and modeling

  • Creating advanced analytical models in a flexible environment
  • Quick manipulation and processing of large data sets
  • Data structure suited to your needs
  • Saving costs spent on manually creating reports
  • Possibility to update the data whenever needed
Data publishing and sharing

Data publishing and sharing

  • Sharing reports in the whole organization
  • Making custom reports and data sets available to your co-workers and customers in a simple way
  • Possibility to publish data and unify them with data from other systems
  • Remote access to reports, management dashboards and scorecards from mobile applications
Get to know Power BI<br>See how it works

Get to know Power BI
See how it works

Power BI is a revolutionary tool for visualizing and analyzing data in real time.

See a report from the system and explore the Power BI possibilities. Find out how complex and easy to use the tool is.

  Visualize and analyze data intuitively

Visualize and analyze data intuitively

Connect to hundreds of data sources and analyze them. Create attractive reports, publish and share them online as well as on mobile devices. Watch a video and check how intuitive Power BI is.

Benefits of implementing
Power BI

By implementing Power BI you will manage your organization more effectively and take better business decisions. Find out more.

A single tool for the whole organization

Eliminating many different places which store the same data.

A full insight into all data

No need to open many programs and copy data thanks to automatic data extraction.

Online access to the needed data

In any place and time via iOS, Windows or Android apps.

Creating reports quickly and easily

Reports can be modified, copied or added to the already existing and new dashboards.

Taking decisions more easily

Thanks to a greater number of reports and charts which let you monitor the progress in order to meet your targets.

Access to key metrics

About customers, sales and finance results. You can see which activities bring profits and which constitute unnecessary cost.

Customers choose Power BI. Read about our implementations

Power BI, as an analytics tool, is for us a priceless source of information. We are now able to analyze in real time all the crucial business metrics.
Case study
The implementation of Power BI in our company resulted in increased efficiency, especially in our sales department.
Case study
Power BI completely changed our outlook on analysis and sales planning.
Case study
Naturlig Flex
The live reports analysis has completely changed the way we do our business
Case study

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