Is 2020 the right time to implement Power BI?
2020-01-09 BI Market

Is 2020 the right time to implement Power BI?

The beginning of the year is the best time for changes - not only those in private life. In business, it is worth to focus on modern solutions, such as Power BI system, which improves data analysis. Current trends in the area of business intelligence also speak in favour of its implementation. What benefits can companies that decide to implement Power BI in 2020 count on? You will read about it in the article below!

Data analysis - trends for 2020

There is no doubt - year after year, data play an increasingly important role in business management. The year 2020 will determine trends to improve their analysis. The key one will be extended analysis, using mechanisms based on automated algorithms that process data and capture recurring patterns from it. This will allow for even more efficient analysis of data, the amount of which is still growing.

What is essential, thanks to Power BI companies will improve data analysis in many areas. The way of visualizing the collected data will also gain in importance - especially in the form of clear charts. Their use will make it easier to search for relevant information and, consequently, enable faster and more accurate business decisions.

BI implementation - what can you gain?

Data analysis provides companies with much information. Their correct use is a way to gain an advantage in the competitive market.  The coming months are the optimal time to implement modern tools, which are used by developing enterprises. To keep up with them, it is worth to focus on solutions such as Power BI, which significantly improves the functioning of entire organizations. How? First of all, they allow you to analyze data from various sources - from ERP systems, Excel spreadsheets, to social media. Even highly dispersed data can be quickly presented in the form of clear reports, using a variety of visual elements, including attractive charts. Power BI guarantee also free access to all business data from a single dashboard - on computers and mobile devices.

Power BI - when to implement?

Determining the ideal moment to implement BI solutions is not easy. The needs and capabilities of each company are different. However, one thing is sure - wherever it is crucial to grow your business and become a market leader, tools such as Power BI will undoubtedly be extremely helpful. Investment in Power BI will be a great idea, especially for companies with a lot of data, from which it isn't effortless to draw specific conclusions. A modern system will allow them to see the links between the data and adjust their future activities to achieve their business goals. Importantly, modern business analysis systems, such as Power BI, are incredibly intuitive. They help to perform accurate analyses even by people without advanced technical knowledge. No need to hire qualified staff is another argument for introducing BI into business in the coming months.

If you have any questions about the possibility of implementing Power BI in your company, please contact us. Our consultants will prepare an individual offer for you.