Microsoft Power BI Premium Per User available from April 2021

At the Microsoft Ignite 2021 conference, it was announced that Power BI Premium per user would be available from April 2, 2021, for $20 per month. This price is very competitive compared to commercially available solutions and will give business analysts a whole new suite of capabilities that were previously only available to professional data engineers.

Power BI Premium – what benefits does it provide to users?

Microsoft Power BI enables accurate business insights through an artificial intelligence-based experience. Power BI Premium allows business analysts to analyse and visualise data and build a comprehensive data platform using the drag and drop feature. By doing so, they gain the ability to use a tool that comprehensively allows them to aggregate, segment and visualise even vast amounts of data from different sources.

Additionally, Microsoft Power BI Premium provides:

– Automated machine learning (AutoML) in Power BI enables business users to create ML models to predict outcomes without writing code.

– Power BI enhances data with a rich set of features from Azure Cognitive Services, including sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, language detection and image tagging.

– Power BI’s premium dataflows offer users the ability to prepare data for reports with just a few clicks using a visual interface.

– Power BI Premium’s enhanced compute engine automatically takes care of performance as data volumes increase. Data preparation steps can be stored as blocks in Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 for reuse across the organisation.

– Deployment pipelines help teams manage their assets’ lifecycle so they can develop and test their reports, dashboards, and datasets before users use them.

– Power BI Premium users can create advanced reports in various formats, such as PDF and PPT, which they can then embed into applications and are also designed for printing or further sharing.

– The Power BI service data includes semantic BI models and are based on AS technology, which is also provided in SSAS and AAS services. The ability to read/write in XMLLA format allows the semantic model to be managed with Power BI Desktop and any applications and tools from Microsoft or other vendors.

– Microsoft Power BI has implemented advanced security features that go hand in hand with data encryption and loss prevention.

– The update includes an auto-scaling feature that automatically adds vCore to premium capacity when usage is highest and removes them when they are no longer needed.

Data volumes are growing exponentially, and the need to quickly extract information to make the right decisions increases. Businesses need solutions that are scalable, fully customisable, easy to manage and not expensive. So it’s no surprise that Microsoft is the market leader in BI solutions, as this year’s Gartner “Magic Quadrant” report also confirms.