Implementing Microsoft Power BI – entrust it to certified EBIS consultants

Imagine a situation where you need sales volume data for the last quarter, but some of it is in different locations, in the cloud and locally, and your analytics team has a schedule overloaded with tasks. What should you do in this situation? It is worth implementing Microsoft Power BI and gaining access to all data aggregated in the company regardless of time and place!

Microsoft Power BI – how can it help your business?

Power BI is a robust data analysis toolset that is continuously updated to the latest trends. It works in the on-premise model and the cloud. It provides an intuitive way to visualise and analyse data aggregated by a given company or organisation. Data is available in one place, and thanks to Power BI Mobile also from the level of mobile devices. What is essential, Microsoft Power BI allows combining information from many sources – databases, files or web services, marketing and sales tools. The reports and data visualizations are created quickly and intuitively, and their scope can be freely modified and shared with other users. Changes are applied in real-time and thus facilitate the implementation of a data-driven culture.

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In which industries can Power BI be implemented?

Power BI can be implemented in various industries, as the tool allows for data visualisation and business analysis in different contexts. Here are some examples of sectors where Microsoft Power BI can be used:

Finance and banking – to analyse expenses, revenue, cash flow, and credit risk.

Retail – for sales analysis, stock monitoring, price trends, and brand image analysis.

Manufacturing – for monitoring production efficiency, product quality, and supply chain management.

Healthcare – for analysing patient data, optimising healthcare costs, and monitoring patient outcomes.

Media and entertainment – to analyse programme viewing data, content popularity, and user behaviour.

Education – to analyse student performance, monitor progress and identify trends.

Tourism – to analyse customer preferences, manage bookings and assess service quality.

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How to implement Power BI?

Microsoft tools, such as Power BI, have a range of functionalities and options for use. To fully serve your company, it is necessary to match them to the current needs properly and adopted strategic objectives.
If you decide to implement Power BI, it is worth asking experienced consultants for support. With their help:
– you will save time – based on the collected data and strategic analysis of your brand, they will choose for you an ideal set of analytical tools. In the meantime, you can easily focus on the key aspects of your company’s development.
– minimise costs – unfortunately, implementing ineffective tools does not support business development. That is why it is so crucial that a thorough needs analysis precedes the implementation stage. By cooperating with a company such as EBIS, experienced in Power BI implementations, you can be sure that the set of functionalities of the data analysis system chosen for your brand will be perfectly tailored to your needs and budget.
– increase your competitiveness – Microsoft Power BI is ready to use immediately after implementation and configuration for anyone who needs to extract valuable business information from your data. Importantly, no specialist technical knowledge is required to operate the system. Drag-and-drop functionality and the ability to ask questions in natural language greatly simplify the preparation of reports and charts and sharing them with other people involved in a given project.

Trust the certified consultants of EBIS

EBIS consultants are continually expanding their knowledge. Regularly passing exams confirm their competence. Thanks to them, each team member knows the latest trends in data analysis and the newest Power BI system functionalities, and EBIS is proud to be a Power BI Solution Partner.
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