Chat GPT in Power BI

Chat GPT is a real revolution. We've been using automation and artificial intelligence in many industries for years, but Chat Open AI indisputably stole the show in media and business for a few months. It is used in many areas of life and work, so why not use it in analytics? Check out how Chat GPT is being used in the Power BI service.

What is the revolutionary nature of GPT Chat?

Chat GPT from Open AI is a machine learning-based language model using billions of neural connections and learned lexical resources.

The chat form allows it to be used for exchanging messages. In the simplest terms, you send it a request (known as a prompt), and artificial intelligence generates a response for you.

You can use the Chat functionality via an app, the Open AI API platform, or installing the programme on your computer.

It is easy to use, gives highly accurate answers, and is therefore used to speed up many processes.

The programme will create for you, e.g.:

  • an article,
  • an outline for a written paper,
  • write HTML code,
  • simulate a recruitment interview with you,
  • provide you with synonyms for a given word,
  • and will perform many other tasks you ask him to do.

It will speed up your work, take much of it out of your hands and improve your efficiency. If you get stuck on a task, not knowing how to continue it, asking the GPT Chat will often clear up your doubts and point you in the right direction.
Remember, however, that the GPT Chat is not an infallible tool.

Chat GPT will support your work with Power BI

Microsoft Power BI has a similar task when it comes to business analytics. It offers solutions to streamline day-to-day project work.

Among other things, it enables you to:

  • Gathering data from various sources,
  • Compiling data,
  • Visualising interactive reports,
  • Sharing analyses with colleagues.

Power BI integrated with GPT Chat takes the unique capabilities of both tools to an even higher level.

How does Chat GPT help you work on your data?

Why does combining the benefits of these services positively impact analytical work? Chat GPT integrated with Microsoft’s Power BI service enables:

  • Recalculates large volumes of information faster,
  • Responds to queries so you don’t have to search for solutions,
  • Speeds up tasks that previously required more commitment.

To take advantage of the benefits of these two tools, it is essential to integrate them.

Implementing Chat GPT to work in a Power BI environment

Integrating GPT Chat into your Power BI environment requires technical expertise. To work with Chat, you need a key to the Open AI API, as well as the creation of a custom visualisation in Microsoft Power BI.

If you don’t know the basics of programming, seek help from a specialist to link these tools together.

Combining Chat GPT with the Power BI environment and using the Open AI API to issue commands to the Chat robot enables users to work faster.

You can issue commands to the robot, and it will, thanks to its high computing power, complete a check on an issue faster and more efficiently than a human.
If you are looking for ways to perform daily analytical tasks more efficiently and want to streamline your team’s workflow, consider integrating Microsoft’s Power BI with GPT Open AI Chat.