Why is it worth attending industry conferences?

Every year there are many noteworthy conferences devoted to Business Intelligence, new technologies or data analysis. So why is it worth taking part in them? You can read more about it in this article.

Conferences and events on data analysis – why should you be there?

Events and conferences on new technologies, BI or data analytics are a great place to network, learn about new tools, improve your skills, and discover best practices. So, what are the main reasons people attend conferences?

1. Building business relationships

An important reason to attend Business Intelligence and Data Analytics conferences is the opportunity to meet people in the industry. Events like this bring together people from different geographical areas who deal with the same issues daily. This allows you to exchange experiences, learn about new solutions or the uses of given tools. As you build your professional network, conferences can be an excellent place to meet people in your industry that you haven’t been able to connect with before.

2. Broadening horizons and solving problems

At events and conferences, you can hear a lot about industry news. This includes new techniques or tools and previously unpublished data, and direct learning from market leaders. Very importantly, conferences on new technologies and data analysis allow you to talk to experienced business representatives one-on-one about what they are working on, how they acquire customers, or what techniques they use in their daily work.

3. Presenting your company to an international audience

Conferences are a time for lecture listening and networking, but also for promoting your company. By attending an industry event, you can be sure that you will meet people interested in the topic. So you can plan sales meetings and try to gain new business partners. You can use well-prepared sales proposals, information brochures, video tutorials, or other material to present your company’s range of services.

4. Making contacts

During a conference, you gain the opportunity to have direct contact with a specific person, including decision-makers. It gives you the possibility to present your company’s values ​​and business culture. You can also show the benefits of your services or product and let people get to know you from a more “human” point of view – face-to-face contact is much easier. Connections established during industry events usually result in further talks and, in many cases, lead to cooperation.

EBIS at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai

EBIS also tries to participate in various industry events actively. The nearest one is GITEX Technology Week in Dubai. We hope that it will be an opportunity to present our company’s offer and establish business and technological partnerships. We invite you to visit our stand and arrange meetings with our representative, Mateusz Bazan. Send us a message to info@ebisgroup.com with a note “Gitex – 30 minutes free consultation with EBIS”.

Find us at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai:

EBIS LTD (H8-50)

Hall 8