Trends in BI in 2019

The business intelligence area is playing an increasingly important role in managing the organization. It is worth to take a closer look at trends dominating on the market, which will determine actions in the field of business intelligence systems in 2019.

An emphasis on quality in data analysis

The amount of data processed by business intelligence systems is unimaginably large, which is why creators of BI systems pay greater attention to the impeccable quality of collected data. For this reason, data quality management has been recognized by the prestigious Business Applications Research Center as the dominant trend in 2019. What does this mean in practice? BI systems will increasingly focus on getting data sets in the right contexts, which will be easy to interpret and thus will contribute to the growth of the company’s credibility.

Increasing coverage of BI reports – data discovery

The creators of business intelligence programs in 2019 will take care that their systems are invaluable help not only for IT departments but also for any other department that creates a company. Due to this fact, the data discovery process will become increasingly important, which in practice is based on developing a visual form of previously selected and processed data. Data analysis and visualization systems such as Power BI will come with help for sure.

Care for data security

Implementations of BI systems will be more and more characterized by the care for data security. Unfortunately, finding a golden mean between data security and ease of access to them is not trivial. There are discussions among experts about which solution is better – the option of storing data in the cloud or locally. An interesting idea is to diversify the risk of threats by choosing a few clouds.

Business strategies determined by data

Data have always played an important role in business management. Nowadays, data is not only the basic book values such as income or turnover of the company, but the data refer to the sales volume in individual channels or the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Reliable data analysis, which is possible for example by the Power BI system, is key. Such an approach means that a given company does not have to rely only on a pure business feel, and it is easier for managers to make quick and accurate business decisions thanks to transparent data visualization.

The data-driven business philosophy is also of great importance in managing the company’s staff. Advanced analytical tools such as Power BI, which generate interactive and visually attractive reports, can be an impulse not only to improve the financial result of the organization but also to improve individual competence and productivity of the staff.
Of course, critical reasoning and interpretative understanding of the management team are still important. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that BI systems are constantly developed, and the data analysis provided by them will be increasingly facilitating the work of managers and regular employees.