Power BI Marketing Analytics by EBIS – improve your marketing activities!

The success of marketing campaigns is based on the communication of the right content in the right channels, which translates into achieving the company's goals and increasing its revenues. Social media, e-mail marketing, newsletters, TV, radio and press ads or websites are the touchpoints between customers and the brand. Is each of these channels effective? Definitely not.

How does Power BI Marketing by EBIS affect the company’s profitability?

Every communication channel that your company uses provides millions of data about your customers every day. It is a valuable source of information, which, if correctly aggregated, supports making conscious business decisions. Investing in the promotion of inefficient channels weakens the company’s condition and inhibits its development. By choosing Power BI Marketing by EBIS, you can be sure that every “weak link” will be eliminated.

Power BI Marketing by EBIS is a ready-to-implement solution dedicated to companies from the retail and B2B sectors, which allows for comprehensive analysis and optimisation of your company’s marketing channels. It enables you to streamline and automate the entire process. It aggregates obtained data in the cloud, analyses them and helps in getting detailed information on the effectiveness of individual marketing channels. As a result, you receive ready to implement guidelines, which are additionally presented in a new and clear graphic layout. All in one view, at any time, wherever you are.

How does Power BI Marketing Analytics by EBIS work, and what benefits can it bring to your company?

Power BI Marketing Analytics by EBIS aggregates all data from your company’s marketing channels in the Microsoft Azure cloud. This data is appropriately aggregated and segmented so that in the next stage, it is possible to assess the effectiveness of individual marketing channels. This, in turn, translates into the ability to optimise the costs of promotional campaigns.

It can be said that the possibilities offered by Power BI Marketing Analytics by EBIS completely change the way we work on the company’s promotion. Reports containing key analysis indicators are available in real-time to the entire team – both on mobile and stationary devices, regardless of where we work from. So we have a constant overview of the campaign progress. We can monitor their performance, evaluate profitability or compare them. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the budget allocated to advertising will be used very well.

Power BI Marketing Analytics, a ready-to-implement solution delivered by EBIS, also makes it easier to make business decisions. Thanks to it, you know exactly what needs to be changed in campaigns, you implement them and monitor the effects thanks to current reports.

Please write to our consultants and ask about the possibility of implementing this solution in your company. You can always count on our professional help. We invite you to join us!