How do you find answers to important questions about your business? Get to know Power BI!

Analyzing the data that companies collect every day is not just a topic that concerns large corporations. Anyone who runs their own business and wants to achieve even better results should take a serious interest in what can be achieved through data analysis. Today, thanks to modern systems such as Power BI, you can really extract a lot of valuable information from data. What can be done to make them start speaking to us in "human language"?

Small business – little data?

Many entrepreneurs believe that they have virtually no data in the company. Are they right? As it turns out in practice, unfortunately not. CRM systems, websites, e-commerce sites, social media profiles, email marketing and automation systems, affiliate and sales programs and the like – each of these channels generates huge amounts of data every day. How can you use them? Everything really depends on the industry and the strategy. Some companies will want to find out at what point in the path to purchase their customers choose a competitor’s offer, others will want to target the least effective sales channels, and still others will want to streamline the process of handling claims and thus improve customer satisfaction.

Data analysis – why is it so important?

Recently, it has become quite popular to say that you can’t improve anything if you don’t measure it first. It’s hard to disagree with him. Making any business decision should be based on reliable and verified information, based on data, not on hunches or intuition. Acting in this way, we have a chance not only to quickly improve inefficient processes, but also to find a market niche or quickly verify the goals adopted for implementation. This, in turn, has a direct impact on the quality of work and the revenue the company earns. However, one should be aware that just plugging in some data analysis tool is not enough.

Data storage – a matter of security and privacy

As companies collect more and more data, they also need to ensure its security and privacy. Data protection has become an extremely important issue in light of regulations such as RODO. Companies must provide adequate technical and organizational measures to protect data from unauthorized access, loss or theft. In addition, it is also important to monitor data processes and conduct regular audits to ensure that all procedures comply with applicable regulations.

Expert support in data analysis

Although data analysis tools are becoming increasingly accessible and intuitive, sometimes it is worthwhile to enlist the help of experts. Data analytics specialists can provide additional value through a deeper understanding of analytical processes, optimization of methodologies, and interpretation of results. Working with professionals can speed up the analysis process and provide more precise and accurate conclusions, resulting in better business decisions and results.

Development of data analytics in the context of the future

Data analytics is an area that is constantly evolving and adapting to changing needs and technologies. Companies should be aware of the need for continuous development in this area and be open to new solutions and trends. Investing in the development of data analytics competencies and keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field can help maintain competitiveness and achieve market advantage in the future.

Power BI – effective data analysis

Today, modern data analysis systems, such as Power BI or Microsoft Fabric, come to the aid of entrepreneurs, which dispel many doubts and allow them to make accurate business decisions. They make aggregating company data, segmenting it and presenting it in the form of easy-to-read charts and reports intuitive and quick to do even without specialized analytical knowledge. The resulting analysis can be easily shared with others and this is regardless of when and where you are working from. The data is available virtually 24/7, in real time, providing greater insight into the company’s situation. Power BI also provides better insight into customer behavior and pinpoints areas for optimization.

If you also want your company to reap real benefits from the data you have, then be sure to contact us. Our experienced consultants will propose a set of analytical tools individually tailored to your organization’s needs. For years, we have been supporting Polish and foreign entrepreneurs in better understanding the functioning of their companies – we will be happy to help you too!