Trends in data analytics for 2021

The outgoing year will go down in history as a time of quick growth in demand for information technology in companies forced to revamp their business models drastically. In 2021, we can expect this trend to continue. In particular, data analysis systems, such as Power BI - the most effective tool for building a company's competitive advantage - will gain in importance.

2020 in data analytics

The number one theme of 2020 was, of course, the coronavirus pandemic, which drastically changed the business reality of most companies. Almost overnight, they were forced to change their perspective, reorganise their operating strategies and implement new ways of acquiring customers and communicating with them. In many industries, technology and Business Intelligence systems have come to the rescue.
An uncertain future, the need to cut costs, streamline operations and accurately count the money spent has directly translated, among others, into an increased interest in modern systems for precise data analysis, among which the leading tool is Microsoft Power BI – awarded in the Magic Quadrant 2020 ranking for compatibility with other databases and web services, the level of customisation of offered solutions and full technical support from the manufacturer.

What will 2021 bring for data analytics according to experts?

The coming year and the following years will be the time of acceleration of companies’ strategic investments in ICT platforms and Business Intelligence (BI) tools based on cloud solutions – conclude experts of the analytical company Dresner Advisory Services in the report 2020 Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study.
The forecast increase in the popularity of remote work and functioning of many enterprises in a dispersed structure will force the necessity to pay special attention to the security of access to company resources. IT departments and security specialists will become even more critical. The new market conditions will shift the centre of gravity to new and improved existing IT solutions. Whether the goal is to maintain a market position or gain a competitive edge, companies will focus on cloud-based platforms – providing a high-security level, fast access to data and high adaptability to current needs. This will be on a scale far beyond the natural trends observed over the years.

Data analysis as the key to success

Inherent in the accelerated digital transformation is a massive increase in the importance of extensive data analysis and processing, covering numerous aspects of a company’s operations, focusing on improving productivity and customer service.
The proper collection, verification and processing of Big Data will become essential to making the right decisions in an increasingly demanding marketplace. Data analytics and the growing demand for professional tools designed for this purpose (such as the mentioned Power BI) will undoubtedly be among the main trends in the Business Intelligence industry in 2021.