How long does it take to implement Power BI?
2023-01-25 News

How long does it take to implement Power BI?

Every company that plans to implement analytical tools should have a carefully prepared plan. Modern analytical systems, such as Power BI, give the possibility to select individual functions and adapt them to the chosen company objectives and a specific strategy. What factors, then, should be a clear signal to the entrepreneur that it is time to implement Power BI? How does this system support the functioning of companies? This will be discussed later in the article.

What can Power BI do for your company?

If we are considering implementing a Business Intelligence solution in our company, it is certainly worth getting acquainted with Microsoft's offer, which is an active player on the market. A unique tool that effectively supports data analysis is Power BI. Under this name, there is a whole set of analytical tools that provide information for the entire organisation. They combine various data sources, simplify their preparation and analysis.

What can Power BI do for your company?

- Compare data from different sources - they can come from Excel spreadsheets, ERP and CRM systems, e-mail marketing systems, social media, streaming data, cloud services and more.

- Present data on a single dashboard - Power BI allows for easy viewing and customisation of data.

- Prepare interactive reports - Power BI enables to create advanced reports in a user-friendly graphic design. It also allows for easy sharing of reports with other team members, which significantly facilitates work.

- It ensures constant access to data - tracking of live results and the possibility of sorting them from "general to detailed" makes decision making more efficient. The data is available regardless of the time and place from which we work.

When is Power BI worth implementing?

Each company has different goals, needs and budget. For this reason, it isn't easy to assess when analytical tools should be implemented. However, if your company's turnover is growing from year to year and your primary goal is to develop your company and become a market leader, systems such as Power BI will undoubtedly support your business in implementing the adopted strategy.

The indication to implement Power BI is too:

- you have vast collections of dispersed data, from which it is difficult to draw valuable business information,

- Data analysis is complicated for your employees, and you need to involve the IT department to prepare reports,

- You rely on spreadsheets, which unfortunately have much-reduced scalability,

- planned implementation of the ERP system, as the simultaneous implementation of Power BI immediately verifies the correctness of processes - including data flow,

- Staff shortages - business analysis systems, such as Power BI, are very intuitive and help to carry out accurate analyses even for people without in-depth technical knowledge. What's more, many of these tools can recognise and analyse data on their own, creating entire spreadsheets.

How long does it take to implement Power BI?

The implementation time depends on the size of the project and selected system functionalities. Equally important is the communication of the project team and the consultant who supervises the deployment. If cooperation runs smoothly, there are no problems of downtime and the whole process runs effectively. Therefore, it is essential to examine the market before selecting an implementation company thoroughly. In practice, the Power BI integration may take from a few weeks to even several months.