Power BI - increase your company's efficiency through data analysis
2021-07-05 BI Market

Power BI - increase your company's efficiency through data analysis

Business analytics allows you to find essential information in the data jungle that can be used to improve your business performance. However, this seemingly simple action requires appropriate preparation and definition of the goal of the analysis. Fortunately, some tools significantly improve this process. One of them is the Power BI system. How can it help you improve the efficiency of your business?

Permanent access to data from various sources

For individual project teams to be able to improve their effectiveness, they need access to numerous data. With Power BI, you can import data from more than 60 different sources. What is important, this system allows you to share the collected data and created reports and visualizations between the people involved in the project.

Reducing IT workload with data analysis systems

Business Intelligence solutions offer a range of analytical tools that improve the performance not only of IT departments but also of other departments in organizations. In the case of Power BI, all data is consolidated automatically. Thanks to the drag and drop functionality, even people with little technical knowledge can successfully use this system. In this way, the level of involvement of employees from the IT department decreases. The data is available regardless of the place of work, on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Quick questions and answers - only with Power BI

If you currently find it challenging to find solutions to specific problems in your data, it will be handy to be able to enter your queries in a natural language. The Q&A function allows Power BI users to enter inquiries in a native language, such as "how many units of product X were sold last year?", "how much did we spend on Google Ads advertising?", "how much sales revenue increased in September?

Power BI searches for answers, taking into account all available data. It is enough to aggregate them properly and group them by a specific key to make this function fulfil its purpose and accelerate the work pace.

Ability to share data between individual teams in the company

Power BI gives you the ability to provide individual team members with different levels of permissions to aggregate data. Thanks to that, even when they work in various departments, people who are involved in a given project can have access to shared data. For example, the sales department may have an overview of promotional campaign data and vice versa. Thanks to this, work efficiency increases and translates into company profits.

Fighting fires before they occur

Power BI provides constant insight into the condition of the company and the realization of business objectives. In this way, it facilitates decision-making and supports management in solving problems. It also often indicates weak points and ineffective processes in the organization that need to be improved. Thanks to this, we receive information about the introduction of changes early, and we can prevent problems before they occur.

These are just some of the benefits that Power BI can bring to your company. Investment in the software will undoubtedly pay for itself in the form of saved time and more accurate business decisions, which will translate into higher profits. One should remember that this system must be adjusted individually to the needs and capabilities of a given company. Then it will maximize benefits and improve work efficiency.