How to implement Power BI?
2020-06-30 BI Market

How to implement Power BI?

The popularity of Business Intelligence class tools is continuously growing. More and more companies from various industries use modern analytical systems to make better use of collected data. What possibilities does Power BI from Microsoft offer? When and how to implement Power BI? You will read about it in the article!

Microsoft Power BI system - how is it built?

The architecture of Microsoft BI system consists of:

- desktop application (Power BI Desktop) - used for data processing, building reports and their presentation. It is the most advanced version of the program.

- a cloud application (Power BI Service) - allows to build reports and share them between users. This is a version of the program available in the cloud, which will enable you to download data and work on them without the need to install the software. 

- mobile application (Power BI App / Mobile) - provides for comfortable browsing of reports and interaction with them anytime and anywhere. It is a version of the program designed for phones and tablets. 


Power BI - what are its applications?

Power BI is a business analysis software, allowing users to create and share interactive reports based on company data efficiently. The ready report can be easily shared with all or selected team members. The advantage of the system is also its intuitive interface and "drag and drop" functionality, which makes it easy to create professional-looking but straightforward reports.

Power BI is a complete set of analytical tools that support the functioning of companies and organizations from various industries - from commerce, through manufacturing plants, to healthcare. Microsoft products are used by global companies such as HP, Adobe, Pepsi and Toshiba.


When is it worth implementing Business Intelligence class systems?

Business Intelligence systems, including Power BI, are the answer to companies' needs, whose primary goal is to develop and strengthen their market position. In their case, analytical tools will be an invaluable support in the implementation of the adopted strategy.

Implementation of Power BI is recommended especially for those organizations where, despite data collection, no specific conclusions are drawn from them. The software will help to notice correlations between information and use it in planning business activities.

It is worth remembering about the limited possibilities of still commonly used Excel. With large data from different sources, their analysis and reporting takes much time and is burdened with the risk of errors. A better choice, in this case, are modern Business Intelligence tools, for which the analysis of this type of data, and also in real-time, is not the least problem. Additionally, Power BI enables effective creation of attractive data and reports visualization.


Implementation of Power BI - tailor-made solutions

Are you planning to implement Power BI in your company? Modern analytical tools are a great convenience for companies wishing to manage their data efficiently. However, to fulfil their tasks, they must be ideally suited to the needs and expectations of a given organization. At EBIS, we implement Microsoft BI products based on an individual offer prepared for a given client.