How do you find answers to important questions about your business? Discover Power BI!
2022-01-19 BI Market

How do you find answers to important questions about your business? Discover Power BI!

Data analysis, which companies collect every day, is not only a matter for large corporations. Anyone who runs their own business and wants to achieve even better results should take a deep interest in what can be done with data analysis. Today, thanks to modern systems such as Power BI, much valuable information can be drawn from the data. How can we make them speak to us in 'human language'?

A small company - little data?

Many entrepreneurs believe that they do not have any data in the company. Are they right? As it turns out in practice, unfortunately not. CRM systems, websites, e-shops, social media profiles, e-mail marketing and automation systems, partnership and sales programs - each of these channels generate vast amounts of data every day. How can you use it? Everything depends on the industry and strategy. Some companies will want to find out at which stage of the shopping journey their customers choose the competitor's offer. Others will want to select the least effective sales channels, and still, others will want to improve the process of handling complaints and thus increase customer satisfaction.

Data analysis - why is it so important?

Recently it has become quite popular to say that you are not able to improve anything if you do not measure it first. It is hard to disagree with it. Making all business decisions should be based on reliable and verified information, based on data, and not on hunch or intuition. Acting in this way, we have a chance not only to improve inefficient processes quickly but also to find a market niche or quickly verify the assumed goals. This, in turn, directly translates into the quality of work and the income generated by the company. However, we should be aware that the implementation of 'some' tool for data analysis is not enough.

Power BI - practical data analysis

Today, entrepreneurs are supported by modern systems for data analysis, such as Power BI, which dispel any doubts and allow them to make accurate business decisions. Thanks to them, aggregation of company data, its segmentation and presentation in the form of clear charts and reports are intuitive and quick to make even without specialist analytical knowledge. The obtained analyses can be easily shared with others, regardless of the time and place from which we work. The data is available practically 24h/7, in real-time, thus providing a better insight into the company's situation. Power BI also allows for a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and indicates areas for optimisation.

If you want your company to benefit from your data too, please contact us. Our experienced consultants will propose a set of analytical tools individually tailored to your organisation's needs. For years we have been supporting Polish and foreign entrepreneurs in better understanding the functioning of their companies - we will gladly help you too!