How do companies use BI systems?
2020-06-14 BI Market

How do companies use BI systems?

Skilful management of collected data is a massive challenge for almost every company. Without proper analysis, this information is virtually worthless. Business Intelligence systems such as Power BI from Microsoft help organisations. What are the purposes of using them?

Constant access to data with Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a complete set of analytical tools that support the functioning of an organisation in many areas - from sales, through customer service, to finance and employee management. The built-in system provides the company with an uninterrupted view of business data from a single dashboard, which in turn allows for consistent data analysis and reduces time and costs associated with reporting. All data is collected around the clock - on computers and mobile devices, which provides access to it anywhere and anytime. 

Displaying and managing data through the interface also ensures high usability. The team members can analyse precisely the data they need at a given moment, without the need to make inquiries to other teams. This allows them to make their own decisions - faster and better.


Drawing conclusions

Business Intelligence tools are used to integrate data to make it more efficient:

  • discovering important data,
  • to find correlations between the processes,
  • understanding these events and concluding.

Data discovery is a process in which unknown or unusual patterns are captured with just a few clicks. Intelligent BI solutions, including Power BI, can recognise and group pre-arrange data. The collections created in this way are then searched to catch the connection. Predictive mechanisms also play an essential role in this, facilitating real-time trend tracking. For example, we can trace the relationship between product or service prices and demand. Such knowledge facilitates business decisions.

Most of the operations are done automatically or using the drag and drop function, which means ease of use for the average business user. 


Automatic reporting 

Automated analytics allow BI system users to quickly analyse data, create their reports and modify existing ones without training. This is particularly important in the case of large organisations where many reports are prepared.

Advanced Power BI tools allow you to visualise data in an attractive way - thanks to the option of simple report creation and the ability to publish them in the service quickly. Report recipients can easily browse the reports, but also modify them by adding their calculation functions. The high flexibility of the system translates into significant time and energy savings for employees.


Enhanced data analytics

Augmented analytics is one of the leading trends in data analysis. It offers automation of data analysis by using machine learning and natural processing. As a result, it solves the problem of generating knowledge from data, present in many organisations. How? Automated algorithms process data and capture recurring patterns from it. This reduces the risk of missing valuable information while increasing the accuracy of business decisions. 

Implementation of Business Intelligence class systems, such as Microsoft Power BI, should be supported by an analysis of the situation of the organisation. We invite you to contact EBIS specialists - after getting acquainted with the exact needs of your company we will choose the optimal analytical solutions for it!