Publishing and data sharing

Power BI is a revolutionary tool, which allows you to gather, visualize and analyze data in an extremely natural and intuitive way. Reports comprising data strategic for your organization can be published and shared with your co-workers. Data is most powerful when it is shared.

Access to data everywhere and for everyone

You can instantly create an interactive report connecting data from various sources thanks to a clear Power BI interface. The report is saved in the cloud and ready to publish both online and in a local environment. Power BI reports can be published online, exported to Excel files, PowerPoint presentations or SharePoint sites. You can also embed the reports in already existing applications and websites. Power BI reports are optimized for mobile devices and are accessible via Android, iOS or Windows apps.


Power BI - Publikacja i udostępnianie danych



Power BI allows you to cooperate while creating reports and navigational dashboards and share them with your co-workers. The tool lets you define roles and authorization thanks to which you can define who can manage the whole workspace, and who can only add content to it. You can also define the access to particular metrics.