Do you want to analyse data more efficiently? Discover Power BI!
2021-09-27 Microsoft Power BI

Do you want to analyse data more efficiently? Discover Power BI!

Data analysis is important for every company - regardless of its size or years of experience. It provides a clear understanding of customer behaviour and relevant business information to ensure continued growth and the possibility of controlling errors that may occur. The potential that lies in the data is enormous and often becomes an element of a company's competitive advantage. How can you improve data analysis in your company?

How to analyse data correctly?

Before analysing data, it is essential to define for whom and for what purpose you are carrying out the analysis. This is essential because analytics helps people make decisions. Therefore, carrying out a study to obtain information to support decision-making is an integral part of the process, as is the appropriate presentation of the results.

Data analysis can, therefore, be presented in the form of a process consisting of the following elements:

1. Planning and target setting,

2. Data collection,

3. Downloading data,

4. Segregation of data and preparation for analysis,

5. Data analysis,

6. Reporting,

7. Concluding and distribution.

What should be done to ensure that each stage of data analysis is carried out in an effective way? Use modern systems supporting data analysis, such as Power BI.

How does Microsoft Power BI improve data analysis?

Advanced analytics is a broad category of queries that can make changes and improvements in business practices. Using systems based on business intelligence (BI) for data analysis, we can take a closer look at historical data and forecast future events and behaviours. This gives you the option to conduct "what-if" analyses to predict the effects of potential changes in business strategies.

The Power BI system streamlines data analysis through its ability to:

- Comparison of data from different sources

ERP systems, financial and accounting systems, Excel spreadsheets, e-mail marketing systems, social media, streaming data, cloud services and more.

- Compilation of business data 24/7 in one panel

Power BI guarantees access to all business data from one navigation dashboard for computers and mobile devices.

- Preparation of interactive reports

Creating clear reports with interesting layouts takes little time and is immediately available for the entire company.

- Ensuring consistent analysis

Power BI is a set of analytical tools for each department of the organisation that provides a 360-degree view for business users. In addition, transparent data visualisation facilitates data analysis.

If you want to convert data into valuable business information correctly, it is essential to consider implementing Microsoft Power BI in your company. Contact us today - we'll help you choose the optimal solution for your company!