Connecting to data from various sources

Explore data and create relationships between them, analyze key factors for your organization and take proper business decisions.

Power BI data sources

Power BI lets you visualize and analyze data, which are the key element in the process of creating interactive reports. The tool enables you to import data from hundreds of various sources and transform them into clear reports. This lets you obtain complex and precise pieces of information, which constitute a priceless source of knowledge, strategic for your company.

Power BI allows you to import Excel files, cvs files, as well as data from other services, including Microsoft Dynamics, Google Analytics, Twilio, Marketeo, Salesforce. Also, the tool makes it possible to access cloud-based databases. With the help of direct queries you can create a dynamic connection with Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Spark on Azure HDInsight and SQL Server Analysis Services. You can also connect directly to SQL Server Analysis Services local databases.


Łączenie się z danymi z różnych źródeł


Constant access to data

While taking decisions crucial for your organization, you need to be sure that your data is always up-to-date. Thanks to Power Gateway function, the chosen data imported to Power BI can be extracted and refreshed automatically in real time. You can also refresh the data manually or set up a refresh schedule so that it is always up-to-date.
Thanks to e-mail subscriptions or mobile app alerts for Android, iOS and Windows you will receive a notification when a change to the specified data is made.