Microsoft Power Platform – what is it?

Microsoft offers tools for end-to-end data work in companies. For example, with Microsoft Power Platform, employees create analytical solutions and collect and process data conveniently. The result is faster and more efficient work and business analysis. What products are included in the Microsoft platform? What are the different tools used for? What are the benefits of introducing them into your work? Read more.

What makes up the Microsoft Power Platform?

The Power Platform consists of Microsoft’s products:

  • Power BI;
  • Power Apps;
  • Power Pages;
  • Power Automate;
  • Power Virtual Agents.

Each service separately provides opportunities to grow your business, and using all or selected tools at work allows you to create better business solutions.

How can you use the services of the Microsoft Power platform?

Each of the services listed has different capabilities and features you will use in your daily work. Learn more about Microsoft’s solutions.

With the help of Power BI, you will create interactive reports based on extracted and structured data. In addition, working on material in the cloud allows you to process information and draw conclusions quickly.

With Power Apps, creating applications from scratch or based on ready-made templates is possible. You only need a little programming knowledge or the ability to write advanced code.

The Power Pages tool is a service that enables the creation of website environments using templates. Designing pages with text, and multimedia, such as videos or photos, is simple and intuitive.

Power Automate harnesses the power of work automation. It makes work faster, simpler, and more efficient. The service helps you organise your job better and achieve better results.

Another service that is part of the Microsoft Power Platform is Power Virtual Agents, with which it is possible to create chatbots for communication within the company and beyond.

Why use the Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform services are solutions for businesses to create reports based on complex data, streamline company processes, and work more efficiently on projects.

One of the most significant advantages of the tools is the ability to use ready-made templates, such as in the case of Power Apps and Power Pages. This speeds up work and does not require programming proficiency.

Another benefit of Power Platform services is the streamlining of communication within the company. Allowing everyone to work in the cloud and edit material makes work more convenient and efficient.

The chance to create chatbots and use them in a given environment also improves communication. For example, it allows discussing projects and making quicker decisions.

Using selected Power Platform tools or including all services in the workflow is a step forward regarding efficiency, decision-making time, and team communication.