Is Power BI right for your business?

Microsoft Power BI has gained considerable popularity in the last few years. As a result, more and more people are interested in what the data analysis system has to offer, and more of them are wondering if it is the answer to their business needs. No wonder - in the era of the economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have to re-evaluate their strategy, and without data, it is practically impossible.

Power BI – learn more about the possibilities of the data analysis and reporting system

Power BI is a business analytics software that allows users to easily create and share clear and interactive reports based on their company’s data. Once a report is created, it can be quickly submitted to colleagues, shared or imported using the site’s built-in features. With Power BI, it is possible to answer specific business questions that are important for the whole company and its departments. Power BI also has the advantage of an intuitive interface, which means you don’t have to be a database design expert or programmer to create a report. The drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to create professional-looking but straightforward reports.

What are the benefits of implementing Power BI for your company?

  • Better insight into your company’s condition

Power BI is a system that offers a comprehensive set of analytical tools that provide information for the entire organisation. It combines multiple data sources, simplifying their preparation, analysis and presentation. This gives you access to crucial information about individual departments of the company, as well as an opportunity to take a general look at its situation. Additionally, in this way you can quickly verify the progress of the adopted business goals or compare the results in relation to the competitors.

  • Easier management thanks to Power BI

With access to data practically 24h/7, you can easily monitor all business processes taking place in the company. Creating clear reports, with an interesting layout, takes little time and is immediately available for the whole company. Therefore, managing the entire organisation becomes much simpler and more effective.

  • Improving internal communication

The possibility of sharing reports by persons involved in a given project significantly enhances communication within the team and in the whole organisation. In this way, Power BI is an irreplaceable tool that can be used by everyone, regardless of place and time of work. It is especially crucial for companies that operate in different locations or when the majority of the team works in home office mode.

If you are interested in implementing Power BI in your company, please contact us. Our experienced team will carry out a thorough analysis and propose a solution tailored to your needs and the nature of your business.