Krakow Power BI User Group – join the meeting!

We are pleased to announce that on the 21st of April, Krakow Power BI User Group meeting will be held. Its motto will be "Lets discover Power BI". We would like to invite you to this event!

Krakow Power BI User Group meeting – Let’s discover Power BI

Krakow Power BI User Group meeting – Let’s discover PowerBI will be held stationary at 1 Meiselsa St. We invite all data analysis enthusiasts to this event. It will be an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and make new acquaintances.

The meeting will be hosted by Jacek Nosal and Dominik Dębowski from EBIS. They will give two interesting lectures: “How many ways to get a map in Power BI?” and “Head or leg? Player analysis using Synoptic Panel in Power BI”.

Speakers Bio:

Jacek Nosal

Passionate about data and technology with extensive experience in working with BI class systems, and earlier ERP, BPM and CRM, in turn, he started his adventure with Excel from version 7. Connected with Krakow – always and rather forever. Born with the option of data analysis, passionate about maps and topographic space. Every year, he travelled tens of thousands of kilometres to analyse, support and develop business clients all over Poland during various project tasks. Currently, in the COVID-19 world, definitely remotely. Thanks to its extensive knowledge and experience, it helps to save hundreds of hours needed to successfully implement the planned project within the set time and budget. He loves demanding implementations, and if there is such a need, he trains and broadens his own and clients’ horizons, gaining their satisfaction and satisfaction. By the way, he is very satisfied with the observation and dissemination of IT knowledge. Seasonally, in his free time he rides a bike and skis, and all year round he plays football and raises his rascals.

Dominik Dębowski

He communicates in SQL and DAX on a daily basis, and converts problems into challenges. He is fluent in the process of transforming data and business requirements into aesthetic Power BI reports. He draws energy to act for his neural network from physical activity and time spent with his family. He draws conclusions from his failures and looks to the future with optimism and curiosity.

How to register for the event?

Registration for the event is possible through the website – Krakow Power BI User Group meeting – Lets discover PowerBI.

You are welcome!