EBIS Celebrates Our Hardworking Team!
2020-05-12 News

EBIS Celebrates Our Hardworking Team!

Did you know Poland was recently rated the third best country to launch a startup in the world? A growing technology hub, we have a wealth of talented and innovative developers and analysts right in our own backyard. Back in 2013, we started our own startup journey, launching EBIS as a BI & Big Data consulting firm. We’ve remained true to our roots ever since, keeping our company small, our team close-knit, and our culture something we can be proud of.

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We’ve always made it our mission to support small businesses—a large majority of the companies we service are among them. Now, more than ever, we’re throwing our weight behind these essential economic players.

We’re also turning inward, and taking a look at our own small but mighty team. We know this is a difficult time, and we want to celebrate the accomplishments of our hardworking staff. For seven years now, they’ve been helping to carve out a name for EBIS in a highly competitive market.

EBIS on Clutch - a platform of in-depth client reviews

One of the key resources we can leverage to reflect on past projects is Clutch, a free database of leading B2B providers. Users can browse through vendors that fit their needs to find the perfect fit for their project based on detailed customer feedback. We use that feedback as an opportunity, both to congratulate our teammates on a job well done, and to scope out areas we can improve so that we can continue to serve you in the best way possible.

For example, in our most recent project highlighted on Clutch, Joakim Tangstad reflected on the data warehouse we built for his company, TG Montgomery. “EBIS offers tailored solutions,” he said. “If there’s ever any misunderstanding, they gather up more resources to have the problem solved within days — including over the weekend. It’s clear they want their customer to be happy.”

And for those who haven’t worked with us yet, but are considering starting a collaboration, he has some advice: “Start with having a meeting with them, and you’ll see that their knowledge is top-notch. Not only can they provide technical services, but they can also provide statistical analysis, machine learning, and more.”

We’re glad to be listed on Clutch, and their sister site The Manifest, another platform that showcases industry leaders, so that we can reflect on highlights like these. Though there are few of us, each and every member of our team is dedicated to delivering quality solutions to our clients. We couldn’t be more proud! 

If you’re thinking about making us a partner for your next project, don’t hesitate to reach out today!