The best sources of knowledge about Power BI
2022-05-10 BI Market

The best sources of knowledge about Power BI

Are you interested in analysing data and possibilities offered by business intelligence? Nowadays, these are the key elements that allow companies to make the right business decisions. However, as you move on to the next level of organization management, it is becoming more and more difficult to analyse huge amounts of collected data. This is why business analytics systems such as Microsoft Power BI are being developed. This tool allows you to easily analyse the collected information and visualize it in a transparent way. In this article we present the best sources (podcasts, YouTube channels) of Power BI knowledge to help you learn more about its capabilities.


BIFocal is a podcast led by John White and Jason Himmelstein. Both received the title of Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) as a reward for actively promoting knowledge about technologies related to data analysis.

The podcast itself discusses the most important changes in the business analytics industry and presents interesting tips on how to use the Power BI tool. In addition, the lecturers provide answers to the audience's questions. Episodes appear several times a month.

CRM Audio

CRM Audio is a network of podcasts concerning not only Power BI, but also Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM and productivity in general. The podcasts are hosted by five speakers, who also hold the MVP title awarded by Microsoft.

The Power BI system itself is dedicated to a separate series of recordings, in which experts are interviewed and current industry events are discussed.

Microsoft Power BI

This is Microsoft's official Power BI channel on YouTube. Here you will find tutorials on how to use the tool as well as more advanced instructional videos. In addition, community webinars are published, as well as reports from conferences organized by Microsoft.

Avi Singh - PowerBIPro

Avi Singh is a Microsoft MVP and Power BI specialist. He also wrote a book and runs a course dedicated to this tool.

On his channel, he shares useful tips and interviews with people who have used Power BI to achieve their business goals and to take the next step in their professional career.

Data Bear Power BI Solutions

Data Bear is a company engaged in data analysis. It offers Power BI training and runs a YouTube channel. It mainly provides instructional videos - including a series on the use of DAX functions.


Curbal is a YouTube channel entirely dedicated to BI. Every week three new videos from the category appear here:

- Power Query,

- Power BI,

- DAX.

The trainer discusses useful tips, presents the latest updates, presents specific case studies in which Power BI can be used.

Guy in a Cube

A YouTube channel run by Microsoft employees - Adam Saxton and Patrick LeBlanc. The subject matter revolves around business analysis in general, but a large amount of material is also devoted to Power BI. Episodes appear 4 times a week.

We hope that the above list of podcasts and channels on YouTube will give you a closer look at the possibilities offered by modern data analysis systems. Don't forget about our Power BI blog too!