Do you want to increase sales? Analyze data with Power BI!
2022-07-27 BI Market

Do you want to increase sales? Analyze data with Power BI!

The basis for making the right business decisions is to have up-to-date information about all processes taking place in the enterprise. The data allow understanding the changes taking place in the company and their impact on particular departments. In turn, limited access to relevant information means stagnation in the development of the organization. What can we do to avoid such situations?

Power BI in enterprises

Business Intelligence systems, such as Power BI, offer many solutions that are successfully used by enterprises - both in corporations and in the smaller business. They make it easier to analyze data from many sources and conclude them. They also effectively support decision-making processes and give managers a chance for an agile and flexible approach to management. Thanks to solutions offered by BI, managers can by their own ask questions and seek answers to them, regardless of the place they work with, as well as the time of day. How does this translate into the company's profits?

1. Insight into data at every stage of sales

Business Intelligence systems, like Microsoft Power BI, support companies in creating multi-channel and integrated sales. This is possible due to the simultaneous analysis of customer data, the goods or services they choose, and the correlation of this information with deliveries. BI solutions provide insight into data at every stage of the sales process. All the necessary information can be seen in one of the cockpits. Thanks to this, we know, for example, what is the status of shipments or at what stage of implementation is the project. This translates into faster finalization of the transaction, and thus the increase in the company's profits.

2. Better understanding customers' needs through data analysis

Constant data analysis helps you learn about customer behaviour and preferences. In turn, the better we know the recipients of our services, the better we can match the offer to their needs. Thanks to Business Intelligence systems, we can estimate customer purchase patterns, select exciting products or services that interest them and predict what offer will affect them in the future. Often, data analysis also helps in discovering market trends. This allows you to budget appropriately and reduce unnecessary expenses.

3. Selection of the best promotion channels

BI solutions, such as Power BI, are also useful in analysing the effectiveness of promotional campaigns. Modern marketing gives us many possibilities in terms of advertising - social media, email campaigns, Google Ads or Facebook Ads, radio, TV or advertising in the press. However, each promotional activity generates costs. Data analysis of individual promotional campaigns' effectiveness provides valuable information and allows you to choose those that create the highest profits at the lowest costs.

Companies that can precisely analyse business data cope better in crises and eliminate "weak links" in each department's departments. This translates into quick and accurate strategic decision-making, which allows you to maximise the company's profits in both the short and long-term.

If you want to increase sales in your company, analyse the data! We will be happy to help you implement Power BI and adjust its capabilities to the company's needs.