Big Data analysis - what is it?
2023-06-29 BI Market

Big Data analysis - what is it?

Data surrounds us. Among other things, it is indispensable in business, where it is used to define long-term goals, check the effectiveness of existing activities, and study market needs. A good business analyst uses tried-and-tested tools in their work so that they rely on facts and figures, not cases.

Power BI: the importance of data analytics work

Microsoft Power BI services are practically irreplaceable in the work of a business analyst.

Like no other, they support the daily work with data sets, make it possible to process them, create visualisations, and generate interactive reports.

They streamline individual and teamwork, increase efficiency thanks to numerous functionalities, and make analysis more reliable. 

The trick is not to collect data. The trick is to process it so that the result is beneficial. 

What is Big Data?

As the name suggests, Big Data is large data sets. However, it is worth noting that size is relative, so how do you determine whether a particular company is affected by the term?

For every business, an extensive collection may be something different. One way to determine whether you are dealing with Big Data collection is to determine the data growth rate or the diversity of data sources. 

Big Data has been prevalent for years, and degree courses are being created to prepare students to work with such collections. 

This is because data processing is always a challenge, and when it comes to such sizeable demanding material, you need real specialists and proven tools to work with.

Big Data versus Power BI

As you know, Power BI is Microsoft's business intelligence services. Users using the tool process datasets. Some summaries contain elements from different sources.

Only some analytical tools are up to effectively analysing diverse information. Power BI is designed to do just that. 

You will process the collected material with Power BI in the following ways:

  • You will acquire them,
  • Sort them as required,
  • Make the necessary corrections, and make sure the data meets your expectations,
  • You will analyse them to optimise your business operations.

Benefits of Big Data analysis

Analysing Big Data with a practical and proven tool brings real business benefits. 

By working on your data in a Power BI environment, you look after your business by providing your colleagues with the necessary tools and an intuitive environment to complete projects.

You provide powerful software to work with data efficiently and reliably.

EBIS, a Microsoft Gold Partner, are specialists who will implement Power BI, a business intelligence tool, for you.