Data visualization

Power BI is a tool which provides advanced data analytics and enables you to present the results in the form of multidimensional, interactive reports. Visualizing data in an attractive and approachable manner makes them more understandable and lets you obtain the key information for your organization.

Interactive reports and navigational dashboards

Each piece of information, even the one seemingly unimportant, is fundamental to efficient business functioning and development. Power BI, thanks to the possibility to create reports and navigational dashboards comprising data visualizations in the form of graphs and diagrams (e.g. line and pie graphs, treemaps and many others) provides an immediate insight into factors and parameters having impact on the efficiency of your organization. Data visualized in Power BI change dynamically, which means they are kept up-to-date with the changing data.

Navigational dashboards ensure ongoing monitoring of the situation in your company, searching for answers and instant examination of the most significant metrics. Thanks to filtering options in reports you can focus on the information which is most important to you. What is more, the highlighting option enables you to emphasize the data chosen against the remaining ones. Data can be also explored using the option of queries and answers. The answer to your query asked in a natural language will be received in the form of visualized data.


Power BI - wizualizacja danych


Reports and navigational dashboards are built intuitively using a drag and drop. At your disposal there is also a large library of modern interactive visualizations provided by Microsoft and its partners. You can as well create your own visualization with the help of appropriate tools.

Reports and analyses created in Power BI can be easily published and shared with your co-workers.