Dashboard in a Day – take part in an online training course

The last months of the coronavirus pandemic have been difficult for everyone. Preventive measures have significantly reduced the possibility of direct human contact, including participation in workshops or training. To meet the expectations of data analysis enthusiasts, we decided to organise another edition of Dashboard in a Day workshop together with our partner, Microsoft, in an online version.

Dashboard in a Day – get to know the data analysis system Power BI

Dashboard in a Day is a cyclical one-day workshop entirely dedicated to data analysis using Power BI system. The editions conducted so far have shown that many representatives of companies from various industries understand the importance of correct data analysis and strive to gain knowledge in this area.

Organised by EBIS and Microsoft, the one-day workshop perfectly meets the needs of modern entrepreneurs. They have a typically practical character, which allows participants to get to know the Power BI system well and verify its capabilities. Each of the participants works on their own data, which makes the knowledge gained during the training can be immediately used in everyday work.

– Dashboard in a Day workshops has so far been held in Krakow and Rzeszow. They were attended by many companies’ representatives, whose positive recommendations encouraged us to organise subsequent editions of these free, one-day meetings on data analysis. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic interrupted our plans for a while. Now, because of the safety and health care of the participants, we decided, together with our partner, Microsoft, to organise this event online – explains Mateusz Bazan, CEO of EBIS.

Dashboard in a Day workshop – sign up for the online training!

The next edition of DIAD workshops is planned for 18th August 2020 and will be held virtually. Just like the previous editions, this one will last eight hours and will be free of charge.

The training aims to give participants a practical introduction to the Power BI system for data analysis and to familiarise them with the essential functions. Participants will learn how to aggregate, segment and analyse their data and present it in the form of clear graphs and reports.

Each participant of the online Dashboard in a Day workshop will gain knowledge in the field:

– Merging, importing and transforming data from different sources,

– Defining business rules and KPIs,

– Explore data using powerful visualisation tools,

– Create attractive reports,

– Share dashboards with their teams and business partners and publish them on the Internet.

Take part in Dashboard in a Day – sign up today!

All those who are interested in data analysis are invited to book a place in the workshop today. Due to the focus on practice, the number of sites for the event is limited. In this way, each participant of the online meeting will have good contact with the coach who conducts the training and will gain valuable knowledge, ready to use in everyday work.

Link to registration – Dashboard in a Day online.