How does data facilitate business decisions?

The ability to dictate the growth rate and direction of development in the industry is one of the most critical factors for any company that wants to become a leader in a highly competitive world. However, it must be remembered that the future keeps companies challenges that require a solution in the present. Every decision made today has a significant impact on an organisation's future. On the other hand, the speed at which the company responds to the present and future challenges determines its success. What solutions are worth implementing so that your company will be successful in the market?

Analyse data with Microsoft Power BI

Data collection and proper analysis are among the biggest challenges faced by companies today. Although the amount of incoming information is vast and concerns every department of the organization, it turns out that it can be difficult to segregate and use them properly for further development of the company.

Fortunately, modern systems for data analysis, such as Microsoft Power BI, help aggregate data and present it in the form of interactive reports, available for the whole organization. In this way, the data effectively supports the development of the organization.

What are the additional benefits of proper data analysis for companies?

  • Identification of opportunities and threats

Data analysis allows you to notice new opportunities and potential threats around the company quickly. Thanks to this knowledge, you can identify and eliminate threats before they appear. You also have a better chance to find a market niche.

  • Understanding customer needs

From the data that your company aggregates, you can also get much valuable information about your customers’ needs. This is particularly important for companies struggling with the problem of seasonality and those that want to adapt their assortment to the current market trends. What is more, you will also use this data to build effective promotional campaigns.

  • Improvement of sales results

Modern sales strategies require companies to take a comprehensive view of their internal structure and capabilities and their surroundings. Collecting accurate and reliable data allows for better management of the entire sales process. For example, reports generated in the Power BI system are available to all company employees, regardless of where they work, and the managers have access to current finance results. On the other hand, the marketing department can analyse the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and the sales team point to the best assortment.

  • Effective internal communication

Modern data analysis systems, such as Power BI, provide access to data in real-time. Such solutions significantly improve the communication process between employees and shorten the time needed to decide.

  • Good business decisions

Decision making is one of the essential tasks of any organisation. If they are based on data, the risk of mistakes or taking the wrong development direction is practically eliminated. What is more, when analysing the data, we know precisely which of our business objectives we can achieve and which should be verified. Ongoing supervision of the company’s condition simultaneously increases the chance that the assumed development plan will be implemented by 100%.

Is it worth using the data to make business decisions? Definitely yes! If you are interested in implementing the Power BI system in your company, please contact us!