EBIS at a conference in London

Last week EBIS had the pleasure to speak at the conference "Microsoft Power BI - unlock the power of data" organized by our partner, Meritum Cloud company, which took place in London. We invite you to familiarize yourself with a short report from this event.

EBIS at the Power BI conference in London

On November 13th EBIS had the pleasure to take part in the conference “Microsoft Power BI – unlock the power of data” organized by our partner, Meritum Cloud. During the meeting, we showed the training participants what benefits business intelligence solutions offer to modern entrepreneurs. The whole event took place in the citizenM Tower of London hotel with a unique view of the city panorama. After the users’ registration, the technical part of the meeting began.

The introductory topic was a lecture entitled “Why do you need business intelligence?”, during which we outlined trends in contemporary data analysis and showed the benefits that each company can achieve by correct interpretation of the results of conducted studies. Then we moved on to the next topic – presentation of Power BI system. Issues related to licenses and new features of Power BI were discussed. After an initial familiarization with the matter, the participants were presented with three compelling case studies on the use of Power BI for data analysis. We also discussed the use of AI & Machine Learning in Power BI. There was also a practical part – the presentation of a live demo from the system. Thanks to this, the attendees could see how working with Power BI looks like and relate the information received to the nature and needs of their own business or the realities of everyday work. At the end of the day, we presented another interesting case study on “How Power BI helped the company to increase revenues by $1 million? The meeting ended with a session of questions and answers from the participants.
We hope that all the people who took part in the conference were satisfied with the workshops and after the day-long meeting received a lot of valuable, substantive and useful information. We would also like to thank our partner, Meritum Cloud, for their cooperation! Enjoy a short photo report from the event: