Dashboard in a Day – EBIS invites to next Power BI workshops

Dashboard in a Day workshops, which we organise periodically with our partner, Microsoft, are very popular among the representatives of companies. Therefore, in the coming months, we decided to prepare two editions!

Dashboard in a Day – get to know Power BI in practice

DIAD in Krakow

The first edition of one-day, free of charge workshops dedicated to company representatives will be held on 20.02.2020 in Krakow. The meeting will start at 9:00 a.m. in Metropolis DESIGN HOTEL located at 8 Wygoda Street and will last eight hours.

DIAD in Rzeszow

The second edition of the DIAD workshop is planned for 10.03.2020 and will take place in Rzeszów at the Metropolitan Hotel, located at 16 Juliusza Słowackiego Street. As with previous editions, this one will last eight hours and will be free of charge.

The workshop aims to present a practical way of data analysis in a sophisticated and visually attractive form with the help of Power BI. Participants will learn to assess their organisation’s ability to visualise and analyse data and will learn how to act more effectively and better organise their daily work.

After one day of workshops, each participant will gain knowledge in the field:

  • Combining, importing and transforming data from different sources,
  • Defining business rules and KPIs,
  • Explore data using powerful visualisation tools,
  • Create attractive reports,
  • Share dashboards with your teams and business partners and publish them online.

Take part in the Dashboard in a Day – book your place today!

All those who are interested in the subject of data analysis are encouraged to book a place at the workshops today. Due to the meeting’s character, which is maximally focused on learning the practical use of the Power BI system, we limit the number of people taking part in one day. Thanks to this, participants work in focus, in comfortable conditions and can count on the full support of our experienced consultants.

Links to registration:

Dashboard in a Day Krakow

Dashboard in a Day Rzeszów

We’re waiting for you!