What is Microsoft Power BI?
2022-01-05 News

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of Business Intelligence (BI) products and services for data visualisation and report generation. It is designed for both individual users and teams. Power BI is distinguished primarily by its user-friendly interface, which facilitates data analysis even for those with little technical knowledge and the fact that it allows you to easily combine information from multiple sources - Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Azure SQL DB, Excel, SharePoint and others. So is it a good choice for your company too?

Microsoft Power BI – features and applications

According to Microsoft, “Power BI is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization, or embed them in your app or website.” Power BI works on-premise and in the cloud. It guarantees access to data regardless of place and time, and thanks to Power BI Mobile also from mobile devices. What else do you need to know about Microsoft Power BI?

  • Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop is a free, self-service data analysis and reporting tool installed on your Windows computer. It can connect to over 70 on-premises and cloud-based data sources, transforming data into valuable business information presented in the form of interactive visualisations and reports. Data prepared in this way can also be shared with others within Power BI Pro, making it easier to work and establish relationships with potential and existing contractors.

  • Application of AI

Thanks to comprehensive analytics based on artificial intelligence, a better understanding of data, automatic pattern finding or predicting future results, become more straightforward and promotes business growth. In addition, the new AI capabilities - introduced in Azure and now also available in Power BI - don't require code so that all Power BI users can discover hidden, actionable insights and achieve far better business results.

  • Cloud-based service

Power BI is a secure cloud service hosted by Microsoft that enables users to view Power BI dashboards, reports and applications via a web browser or dedicated mobile apps for Windows, iOS and Android.

  • Mobile solutions

With Power BI Mobile, system users gain access to data regardless of where they working from. This is because they can securely access and view Power BI dashboards and reports live on any device using native mobile BI apps for Windows, iOS and Android. This matter is significant for users who are frequently on business trips and want to stay in touch with analytics teams.

  • Embedding Power BI in other applications

Power BI Embedded allows you to embed Power BI dashboards and reports in other applications, both within your organisation - which requires users to log in to their Power BI account - and in applications dedicated to customers who do not have a Power BI account. In this way, data analysis and presentation of collected results becomes much more straightforward.

If you are interested in implementing a Power BI system in your company, please contact us. Our certified and experienced consultants will prepare an individual offer for your company, which will allow you to get complete information from your data.