How does Power BI improve marketing data analysis?
2021-07-25 BI Market

How does Power BI improve marketing data analysis?

Data analysis is one of the key challenges facing companies today. Thanks to it, you can control and monitor essential processes taking place in the organization. However, having data is not everything - efficient analysis and visualization of it become more important. A modern Microsoft Power BI tool can help in it. How? We invite you to read the article!

Power BI - how does it work?

Microsoft Power BI is a modern tool for comprehensive and clear visualization of data. The program includes Power BI Desktop, a free application designed for installation on your computer, which allows you to prepare reports and data analysis and Power BI Online - a server for reporting and sharing resources.

Efficient data analysis with Power BI

Power BI not only gives you constant insight into the data but also makes it accessible and understandable to all employees. This makes business decisions easier than ever. Using Power BI improves data analysis for many reasons. 

1. Data analysis from different sources in Power BI

Companies today have almost unlimited access to data. These can come from various sources, often competitive. Power BI allows you to comprehensively analyze data from ERP systems, Excel spreadsheets, e-mail marketing tools, social media and more. Using Power BI companies have quick and unlimited access to data in one central location. This data is efficiently collected, filtered and modelled, and finally analyzed according to individual needs. 

2. Intuitive data analysis with Power BI

The Power BI program interface is also a guarantee of efficient data analysis in the company. The intuitive user experience is due to the built-in "drag and drop" functionality. Thanks to it, creating clear reports with an attractive graphic layout is easy even for employees without advanced technical knowledge. Not without significance, the system enables the visualization based on natural language queries. All of this makes it possible to create essential summaries and reports in just a few minutes after importing data. This is a considerable time saving, which also translates into quicker business decisions. 

3. Constant and convenient access to business data

By analyzing data in Microsoft Power BI, the company gains a consistent 360-degree view of its business data from a single dashboard, allowing for consistent data analysis. Aggregated data is available around the clock - both on computers and on mobile devices. Whether employees want to use the data at the company's headquarters, during a business trip or working remotely from home, they can do so. Not least, employees can analyze precisely the data they need without having to ask other teams. Additional facilitation is the possibility to change the view of data and model their visualization according to individual tasks of particular project groups.

4. Power BI Sales and Marketing Analytics by EBIS

Modern analytical tools are a great convenience for companies wishing to manage their data efficiently. At EBIS, we offer full support in defining requirements and expectations for Power BI tools. We implement products such as Power BI Sales and Marketing Analytics by EBIS. It is a comprehensive solution for the most demanding companies. The product range, in addition to the basic elements, includes such improvements as marketing systems integration, predefined reports, CPO analysis and marketing channel analysis.