Workshops Dashboard in a Day – a report from the event

Yesterday, 27th November 2018, the "Dashboard in a Day" workshop took place, which we organized in Krakow together with our partner, Microsoft. Several dozen people attended the event, which makes us extremely happy. Such a great interest in data analysis and the possibilities offered by business intelligence and the Power BI system allows us to look optimistically at the development of Polish enterprises.

Power BI – the power of practical knowledge

The meeting took the form of workshops. Our goal was to show participants the functions and capabilities of the Power BI system in practice. Each of the persons participating in the workshop worked on their own data and carried out their analysis according to individual needs and in relation to the sector in which they work on a daily basis.

This approach has shown in how many companies the data analysis is applied. Under the watchful eye of our experienced consultants, participants learned how to correctly import and aggregate data. They also defined business rules and KPIs. After that, they created interactive reports and dashboards, as well as provided analysis to other members of their teams.

– Positive opinions that we heard from participants during and after the event motivate us to organize the next edition of the workshop. We believe that knowledge about the possibilities offered by the Microsoft Power BI tool has a positive impact on making the right business decisions in every company. This, in turn, translates into an increase in profits – adds Mateusz Bazan, CEO of EBIS.

We would like to thank our partner, Microsoft, for help in organizing this event and all participants for active work during the workshop! We hope that more and more companies will use the opportunities offered by new technologies and the Power BI system in their daily work.

Dashboard in a Day

Dashboard in a Day EBIS

Dashboard in a Day EBIS