Microsoft Cloud' Days - Power BI unlock the power of data
2020-02-01 News

Microsoft Cloud' Days - Power BI unlock the power of data

Once again, we had the pleasure to participate in an event on Power BI and data analysis, which is organized periodically by our partner, Meritum Cloud company. This time EBIS visited Birmingham. We invite you to a short report from this conference.

Power BI - conference with EBIS presence in Birmingham

The one-day meeting on "Microsoft Cloud' Days - Power BI unlock the power of data", which took place on 30 January 2020, was attended by people actively interested in learning about the practical benefits that modern business intelligence systems offer.

During the first lecture, we tried to introduce the participants to issues generally related to business intelligence. We pointed out several benefits that each company or organization can achieve if it collects, segregates and interprets data correctly.

Then we moved on to the next topic, presenting three case studies showing how Power BI system can be used for data analysis and interpretation. We also presented participants with a live demo showing how to create and share dashboards in Power BI. There was also a presentation of possible options for using AI & Machine Learning in Power BI.

Power BI - data analysis

Thanks to working on real data, the participants had the opportunity not only to learn about the Power BI interface but also to become even more aware of the possibilities offered by this system even to those who do not have excellent technical skills. Many insightful questions were asked, which we are incredibly pleased with. The group showed great interest and tried to relate the information presented to the real situations they are dealing with in their companies.

As a summary and the proverbial "icing on the cake", we presented another case study. Its topic has been of great interest to the participants from the very beginning. "How Power BI helped the company to increase revenues by $1 million?" - who wouldn't want to know that, right? The meeting ended with a Q&A session from participants.

We want to thank once again all workshop participants and our partner, Meritum Cloud company, for the opportunity to share our experience in the field of data analysis using Power BI system. We hope that all those who took part in this one-day meeting gained a lot of valuable and substantial information that they will be able to use in their daily work. We invite you to a short photo report from the event: